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LinkedIn has become a hub of activity for 810 million users, where people exchange insightful insights and provide valuable advice. It’s no surprise that LinkedIn inspires 310 million individuals each month.

LinkedIn, like any other social networking platform, isn’t just for wealthy people. It also has a significant brand presence. In fact, this platform is used by 89 percent of B2B marketers for lead generation.

But all of this glamor comes at a high price. Your LinkedIn messaging should be powerful enough to set you apart. Otherwise, your company’s website can quickly become lost in the shuffle.

Which begs the question. Is it worth the effort?


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Let’s go over the most recent statistics to better grasp the platform’s dynamics.

It accounts for more than half of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs.

LinkedIn has 61 million influencers and 40 million decision-makers.

Every week, the LinkedIn feed receives 9 billion article impressions.

You can’t afford to pass up an opportunity to present and advertise your company there, can you?

To ensure that everyone sees your material, clicks on it, shares it, and comments on it, you must examine the characteristics of the LinkedIn audience and create your LinkedIn articles accordingly.


  1. Post a variety of content types.

To cut a long story short, web content is about emotions and human experiences rather than advertisements. When users scroll through a newsfeed, they scan it rather than read it, looking for something that reflects their inner reality. Because LinkedIn is all about business, you must master brand storytelling.

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Tell your company’s tale chapter by chapter so that readers can immerse themselves in the highest possible reality.

Read more about how to succeed with LinkedIn Marketing Hacks.

Stories elicit emotions and thus sell. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Every story has a protagonist.
  • There is a plot in every story.
  • You’ll captivate readers and elicit a positive emotional response from them if you use key principles of human perception and thought in your stories.
  • Human values should be reflected in stories, and your brand’s global aim should resonate with them.
  • Stories must be unexpected while being relevant to your brand.
  • In the case of LinkedIn, use the following content kinds to tell your brand’s story:
  • Blog posts: Begin with a personal comment to pique readers’ interest and make them want more.
  • Case studies, research, and industry news raise visibility and trust, transforming your company page into a trustworthy source of information.
  • How-to and list-style tips: These posts perform best on LinkedIn and receive more likes and comments than other post types.
  • Company updates: Inform individuals about what’s in store for them and how your new features will assist them in succeeding.
  • Make your content instructive, informative, and relevant to LinkedIn members’ interests if you want them to click on it.
  • Remember that individuals come to this platform to advance their careers, not to waste their time.
  1. Design Your Posts Like a Boss

Given that reading online is 25% slower than reading in print, and attention spans are getting shorter by the day, be cautious when organizing your LinkedIn postings.

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First and foremost, concentrate at the outset and confine your thoughts as much as possible. “One post = one thesis,” is the golden rule here. Also, have the first sentence of your post raise your eyebrows. Write something that will make readers go “Wow!” and inspire them to click on “See more” for additional information.

Write a strange phrase, a little-known fact, a behind-the-scenes experiment, a clever quotation, or an unusual insight. To engage a larger audience, use a conversational tone and eliminate professional jargon. Also, keep your sentences short and always end on a good tone.

Pro-Tip: Your LinkedIn posts should be readable even by an 11-year-old.

Remember that every online post is a narrative. So, why not try starting it with a dialogue to pique your readers’ interest?

Use the 50% rule, as recommended by LinkedIn’s international editor Isabelle Roughly. Once you’ve decided on a topic for your post, devote 50% of your time to creating a perfect headline for it, while the other 50% will be spent writing the piece itself.

The more thought you put into your LinkedIn headlines, the better.

Consider the following suggestions:

  • Headlines with 40-49 characters receive the most views.
  • How-to and list-style headlines are the most effective.
  • Avoid posing questions in the titles of your LinkedIn posts.
  • Longer status updates (up to 15 lines) are permitted on LinkedIn, but only the first three are visible. They should sound like a teaser for readers to click on “See more” when combined with a headline.
  • Write your LinkedIn postings in the first person. The words “I” and “we” work wonders in making you sound like a real person speaking to real people. It helps you connect with your audience on a more personal level, making your content more interesting and appealing.

By the way, the above is a major illustration of what graphics to use in LinkedIn postings, based on human psychology, to encourage readers to click.

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  1. Include a Visual Aspect in Your Posts

You probably already know that most people are visual beings, so when a social media message includes a picture, they are more likely to engage.

It works on all platforms, although text-only posts perform best on LinkedIn.

Yes, LinkedIn users read more than they watch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture their interest with graphics. A separate set of shoes is that those graphics must be valuable and employed for specific postings, rather than at every turn.

Charts and diagrams are excellent visualizations to include when discussing case studies, trends, data, and updates.

Given that LinkedIn users are hungry for instructive and informational stuff, you may cram it in briefly to engage them and solicit comments.

It’s all about human psychology. We are naturally drawn to look at people’s faces, which is why photographs of people work so effectively. It is, indeed, about posting experts in your niche or genuine people who are relevant to the context of your LinkedIn articles.

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  1. Play around with videos

Neil Patel, a great marketer, recently nailed it on LinkedIn with video content. It grew in popularity faster than Facebook or YouTube.

Do you agree with that?

I didn’t until I saw the statistics provided by HubSpot. Three-quarters of the 38 percent of marketers who use video content on LinkedIn said it was a successful tactic.

Why are LinkedIn users so interested in watching videos on the platform?

It improves their understanding of a brand, product, or service.

Videos are more persuasive because they adhere to the “show, don’t tell” concept.

They are aware that LinkedIn videos are relevant, and they will, without a doubt, obtain the information they require.

To meet the expectations of your users, use the following video types:

LinkedIn is a relationship-building platform. As a result, a video story about your company and how it got started might be beneficial.

You can also post how-to videos on your product or service, displaying its capabilities and instructing the audience on how to utilize it.

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As Uber did in their promotional video, they explained a new chat function for customers to use.

Share sneak peeks of upcoming products and events related to your organization or the interests of your target audience.

Interview specialty specialists and passionate individuals, such as Allen Gannett did with CMI vice president Cathy McPhillips.

LinkedIn is all about learning and mentorship, so feel free to share lectures or business talks from thought leaders whose message may be relevant to your target audience.

Meg Garlinghouse, LinkedIn’s Head of Social Impact, frequently shares similar video content to engage her followers.

Keep your films brief and professional, and remember to optimize them for mobile to increase views and sharing.

In addition, video adverts have arrived on LinkedIn. Why not leverage them to increase engagement and sales? According to the study, videos are 20 times more shareable than other material formats in this context.


You’ve studied a variety of techniques for writing excellent LinkedIn articles throughout this blog. What if, despite investing in all available resources and doing everything correctly, you don’t get the desired increase in interaction on your posts?

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Low engagement can occur as a result of the following factors:

Your target audience is unable to connect with your unique concept. They find it difficult to comprehend.

You haven’t scheduled your posts to go live at the appropriate time.

To improve the reach of the message, you are not using the appropriate hashtags.

In your posts, you have not correctly mentioned the person/brand. To tag someone or anything, use @nameofperson/brand>.

Even after avoiding all of the problems listed above, there may be times when there is a significant increase in engagement on some postings while it is little or non-existent on others.

Utilize LinkedIn analytics tools to determine what is and is not working.

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Make use of translations

Do you want to reach a global audience? You can include translations in this section, eliminating the need to build individual Company Pages for each location. You can have as many as 20 languages on your Page, which includes the name, tagline, and description boxes, all of which are translated. It appeals to me.

Incorporate keywords into your description.

Because your LinkedIn Page is indexed by Google, use natural-sounding keywords into the opening paragraph of your company description whenever possible. Keep it to a maximum of three to four paragraphs, and focus on your vision, values, products, and services.

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Include hashtags.

No, not in your Page copy, unfortunately. You can follow up to three hashtags at a time.

By navigating to your Page and clicking Hashtags under the post editor, you will be able to see all of the posts that have been created with these hashtags. This allows you to effortlessly comment on, like, and share relevant posts from the comfort of your own Facebook Page or profile.

Include a branded cover image for your website.

You should take advantage of this section to draw attention to your most recent product launch or another noteworthy event. Keep it consistent with the brand and straightforward. The new Social Trends 2022 study from Hootsuite is a free mega-deep dive that contains the secret sauce to outperform your competitors this year (and next year, and the year after that…).

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As of right now, the measurements of this space are 1128px by 191px.

Last but not least, include a custom button.

It’s the button that’s adjacent to the Follow button that LinkedIn users will see on your Page when they visit it. You have the option of changing it to any of the following:

  • Please get in touch with us.
  • More information can be found here.
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Please see the webpage.
  • It is set as the default choice to “Visit website.”

You have the ability to modify it at any moment, so if you are having a webinar or event, change it to “Register” or “Sign up” to direct attention to that, then back to your website afterward. A UTM can be included in your URL to allow you to track where your leads are originating from.

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Throughout this post, we’ve discussed how Hootsuite may help you with your LinkedIn marketing approach. Hootsuite can handle everything, from post planning to Auto Scheduling, putting advertisements, responding to comments quickly, and providing best-in-class statistics.

Hootsuite and LinkedIn are best friends.

However, Hootsuite is capable of much more than that, including managing your LinkedIn profile as well as your other social media networks.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a subscription-based service provided by Adobe.

Creativity Cloud Express, formerly known as Adobe Spark, allows you to create free, attention-grabbing visuals directly from your browser or mobile device.

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You can remove image backgrounds, add animation, resize visuals for every platform, and produce video assets of excellent quality. It also has a template library with professionally created items to assist you in growing your business. In addition, Adobe Stock photos are available at no cost.

Adobe SlideShare is the source of this information.

By including shareable information such as a presentation, infographic, or white paper, you may instantly increase the shareability of your LinkedIn post.

If you want to include this type of content, you must do so through SlideShare. Because it is a different platform from LinkedIn, posting your content there will also make it discoverable on the other platform (an added plus!). It is, however, for the purpose of allowing us to link it to LinkedIn articles in the form of a functioning slider display.

This method allows you to submit a PDF, PowerPoint, Word, or OpenDocument file, which will be shown in a presentation format on the LinkedIn website.

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For recruitment purposes, it is critical to manage your company’s reputation on LinkedIn.

You may download the Glassdoor app from Hootsuite’s App Directory, which you can find here. Employers should upload their LinkedIn Company Page updates to Glassdoor so that job seekers can get a better sense of your organization. It also includes analytics reports for Glassdoor article interaction, in addition to your existing Hootsuite reports and analytics reports.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that helps you to establish credibility, build a significant network, and position your firm as an industry authority all in one place. You now know everything you need to know about developing a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy, and you can put it into action right away.

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