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Getting more affiliate sales on WarriorPlus is almost the same as getting more affiliate sales on most other affiliate networks. There are a few measures you may take to increase your chances of success, as well as a few rules you should adhere to. When pondering how to grow your affiliate sales on WarriorPlus, you may initially believe that your efforts are fruitless. It is essential, however, that you do not quit, because all is not lost. You will not always sow the seed and harvest the crop on the same day. If you follow the below recommendations, you will observe your business taking root. Your efforts will have a snowball effect over time. You’ll begin to notice results trickling in, and eventually you’ll make it rain.

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There is no doubt that video content has recently appeared and grown exponentially since videos are more engaging, intriguing, and captivating to watch than other types of material. For these reasons, platforms like YouTube are on the increase, and there is likely no better platform than YouTube today to start a channel, submit your videos, and build an audience online. Although YouTube has become the content hub for every industry, it has never been out of sight for marketers, particularly affiliate marketers, who have fully utilized this network. On YouTube, for example, there are very particular channels that just offer product reviews and largely talk about affiliate marketing. Such channels make a lot of money through affiliate marketing, primarily through product review videos. I believe Jono Armstrong is one of the best instances of how a YouTube channel can grow simply by providing digital product evaluations. His channel fared so well because new products were released every week and every day on platforms such as WarriorPlus. As a result, there was a lot of buzz surrounding such products, and most consumers looked for reviews before purchasing them. As a result of having a YouTube channel with established content centered on such products, he increased his channel to thousands of subscribers and now earns tens of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions. You, like Jono Armstrong and many others, can accomplish the same with your YouTube channel, and the greatest part is that such videos don’t require much effort to create.

To begin earning money with WarriorPlus through affiliate marketing on YouTube, take these steps:

• Create a YouTube channel with a relevant username, upload a channel symbol and banner, and fill out all of the essential information.

• Visit Mucheye.com to learn about the next products that will be available on WarriorsPlus.

• Make a list of WarriorPlus goods that are going to go live next week and send approval requests to each of those product launches.

• Once your request has been authorized, you must create a screen recording video discussing the product and providing your honest review/opinion.

• Upload product review videos to YouTube with the appropriate title, description, thumbnail, and tags. However, you may use chrome extensions like VidIQ to help you do it right.

• Before you can anticipate any results, you should upload at least 50-75 videos so that YouTube’s algorithm recognizes your material and pushes your videos to the top whenever you publish a new video after that.

Use ClickFunnels to create a landing page and link it in your YouTube description to collect people’s email addresses who are interested in your offer, and be sure to entice them with your unique bonuses if they make any purchases through your affiliate links.

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If you don’t like filming videos and don’t like talking in front of a camera, and especially if you prefer to write, Then creating a simple blog and posting product reviews would be an excellent method to earn money with WarriorPlus affiliate marketing. However, if you believe that blogging for affiliate marketing is not a good idea, particularly with WarriorPlus, Then you should be aware that there are already dozens of blogs out there that rely on affiliate commissions and do nothing more than write product reviews. For example, if you search for any product review on Google, you will almost certainly find a list of sites that are solely dedicated to writing product reviews. As a result, with a little amount of consistency and momentum, you can rank your blogs on product review searches. Even though the majority of the processes for launching an affiliate marketing blog will be similar to those for starting any other type of site, However, there are some minor changes that I believe you should make, and I recommend that you do the following steps:-

• Create a blog name first, and then purchase a free domain name and hosting from any domain registrar.take

• Later, use WordPress and its themes to create a clean and appealing blog look for readers.

• Go to Muncheye.com and make a list of the product releases that are coming up in the next week (or so) and email them your approval requests.

• Once you’ve been approved for those products, begin writing product reviews based on your knowledge and, if possible, use/purchase the product for context.

• After you’ve finished writing, use plugins like RankMath to optimize your on-page content.

• Build backlinks and submit reviews on a constant basis for 5-8 months to see results.

Tip: Use a service like Ahrefs to get relevant affiliate niche ideas, and be sure to publish product comparison blogs (such as BlueHost v/s Hostinger) to attract a warm audience who is more inclined to buy from you.


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Building a list is an absolute necessity if your goal is to become an affiliate of respectable standing. If you do not have a list, you will discover that the results you obtain are quite inconsistent or that you get no results at all. Your website ought to feature an opt-in page designed in the style of a pop up or a scroll mat. Make sure you offer some sort of freebie in exchange for people’s email addresses in order to persuade them to provide them. After that, they will sign up for your mailing list. Your giveaway could take the form of a video, audio recording, eBook, or short report. You will notice that individuals will sign up for your list as long as the freebie provides some decent information that can be useful. Also, check to see that each of your videos on YouTube has a link in the box that describes the video that directs viewers to your landing page.

Be sure to leverage the social media platforms that receive a lot of traffic so that you can funnel people to your landing page and create your email list. Remember that you shouldn’t build your house on land that you rent out to someone else. However, despite the fact that social media is excellent for driving visitors to your website, you do not own that traffic. It is essential that you start adding names to your list. If you do this, you will still have an audience even if the Facebook group or YouTube channel you use to share your content is deleted.

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Now that you have a list, what steps should you do to move forward? You should begin sending them emails to advertise your offer as soon as possible. Keep in mind that marketing by email might often feel like you’re walking a tightrope. If you send out emails to your contact list too frequently (more than a few times a day), you risk coming across as needy and/or annoying.

In order to make a sale, some marketers just send their list an overwhelming number of offers. If all you ever do is sell, but provide absolutely nothing of value to your subscribers, you will begin to see a decline in the number of members you have. In addition to this, the churn rate for your list will be quite high. As a result, you should make certain that you deliver more value than you sell.

When you do make a sale, you should mail a product a minimum of twice, and preferably three times. Before they will really purchase a thing, there are going to be certain individuals who require more than one reminder. This could make no sense, but it’s just the way people are. When sending emails, make an effort to use your common sense, and don’t let your desire to win a JV contest get the better of you and cloud your better judgment.

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It is expected that the product will be sold through the usage of the sales page that has been created for it. Your job is to sell it in advance. The way to accomplish this is to explain to your audience how the product benefited you, if you have used it, as well as how it would benefit them in the future. In order to provide the impression that your review is fair and genuine, you should strive to emphasize the positive aspects of the product while also pointing out one or two of its drawbacks. Naturally, you will want to recommend the product to others in a positive light, but you shouldn’t exaggerate its capabilities or promise too much. Praise should be used sparingly, much like salt.


One of the most effective methods for directing traffic to the offer that you are marketing is by participating in relevant Facebook groups. You have the option of forming your own group, or you might sign up for a number of existing groups that are already established and happen to be associated with your specialized field. You will discover that certain groups occasionally entertain the idea of allowing affiliate promotions.

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The WarriorPlus marketplace has the majority of products in the internet marketing area. To entice customers to make purchases through their links, vendors participating in the WarriorPlus affiliate network, as well as vendors participating in other programs, will put together bonuses.

You will be able to contribute to an increase in sales and conversions by developing a bonus that is pertinent to the product you are promoting if you do so. Also, if you want to give it a ridiculously high value in the real world, don’t pile on a bunch of old resell rights things that were made 20 years ago and give it that worth.

These days, the majority of purchasers are knowledgeable and can recognize a worthless incentive when they see one. Therefore, you should make it a goal to put in some effort to build a helpful and unique extra… and you’ll see an increase in the sales made by your affiliates.


Have a look at the statistics that are available on WarriorPlus. If you look at the conversion data for the product, you can determine whether or not it is selling well. It is a sheer waste of time to attempt to promote a product that has a low conversion rate. It is impossible to train a donkey to be a racehorse.

When you are looking to boost the number of affiliate sales you make with WarriorPlus, it is best to spend your time concentrating on winning items and figuring out how to effectively promote those products so that you can make more sales.


In this line of work, one’s reputation is everything. People will come to regard you as someone they can rely on if you make it your aim to sell only high-quality items and if they know they can trust you to tell the truth. You have not compromise your morals in exchange for monetary gain… and individuals are able to pick up on this. Once you have established yourself as someone who can be trusted by your audience, they will be much more likely to follow your advice and purchase the products that you suggest. You can’t buy your way to a good reputation. It is not something that can be purchased, but rather something that must be earned, and once it is, it will pay off for you in many different ways.

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If you don’t want to put in the work of having your own YouTube channel (or) starting a blog, writing material on free/self-publishing platforms is a better way to gain traffic. Sharing affiliate links through self-publishing writing platforms is a fairly widespread activity, and I even discussed this method in my article on how to perform affiliate marketing without a website. Although not all self-publishing platforms are free to use, I found several platforms, such as Medium and Vocal Media, to be quite beneficial because they are both free and have millions of existing users.

Platforms such as Medium, on the other hand, do not permit large affiliate material and links. As a result, you must be very careful with your content and be willing to blend it with product reviews, instructional articles, and product comparison articles. Another reason I recommend publishing your material on venues like Medium is because:

  • The platforms are obviously free to use, but there is no restriction to what you can write/publish on them. On these platforms, you may eventually launch your own mini-blog.
  • These sites are well-established and can assist you in attracting actual readers to your material. Writing frequently on such varied platforms will help you expand your presence, as well as capture your own set of online audiences.
  • Finally, content from sites like Medium may easily rank on Google because their Domain Authority (DA) is much higher.

To be honest, I believe this is by far the simplest approach to learn how to generate money with WarriorPlus through affiliate marketing. Because there is no initial outlay, and you can really utilize the current user base of these self-publishing platforms to make money with affiliate marketing.

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Being a vendor is one of the most effective strategies to boost affiliate sales; nevertheless, this piece of advice is not one that is shared very frequently.

As soon as you become a product vendor, not only do you have to establish your credibility, but you will also have to compile a list of potential customers (of your products). Any marketer worth his salt will tell you that selling to people who have already purchased from you is far simpler than trying to sell to new customers.

If you email a list of individuals who subscribed to your list merely to acquire a free product, you will get worse results than if you email a list of people who subscribed to your list to promote affiliate items to your list of buyers.

Keep in mind this easy equation: more items sold equals more buyers, which equals more sales for affiliates (when you promote offers).


When implemented diligently and persistently, these ten pointers that I have provided you will yield extremely positive results. Concentrate on putting them into action, and you will quickly observe a significant uptick in the number of affiliate sales you are generating. It is very likely that you will achieve your goals.

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