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The success of your Affiliate Program depends on the kind of people you work with. This is because your affiliates can determine the success and failure of your business.

That is why it’s important to work with the right people who can help you reach your goal.

All affiliates aren’t created equal. Some are great at what they do and can greatly increase your sales volume.

All you need to do is convince them to join your affiliate program.

We’ll cover 8 effective ways to attract super affiliates and ensure sales.


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1. Give away a paid product

Create a product that compliments the one you want your potential affiliates to promote and send it to them. They can send the product to their subscribers and join your affiliate program in exchange.

This is a great way to attract the affiliate’s attention and generate leads to your main product.

Create a separate site for your second product to make it appealing. Register a domain name, add a strong call to action, and add order forms.

Your site should have a landing page, sales page, and download page.

Make money by mentioning your main offer on the second page, on the download page, and in your ‘thank-you’ emails. For example, after the user signs up for your newsletter or downloads your free product.

You and the affiliate will make money from the main product.

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2. Use gifts

Everyone loves gifts. So, use them to get super affiliates to partner up with you.

Send the affiliate money and add a note that says: My name is [add your full name]. Here’s [add amount] to buy a book on Amazon or spend it whichever way you want.

This will get you the attention you need.

Follow up after 24 hours to find out if they saw your message and received the money.

Note that you don’t have to break the bank to do this. You can send as little as $5.

3. Buy advertising

Contact your potential affiliates and offer to buy advertising from them. For example, ask to advertise in their newsletter and pay for ad space in exchange for a partnership. If they accept the offer, they join your affiliate program.

However, state that the offer to buy advertising stands even if they don’t want to become affiliates. This shows you are not only concerned about what you want to achieve and makes it easy for the affiliate to join your affiliate program. Without doing too much convincing. So, whether you get a yes or no, buy ad space.

Use this method only if you are sure you want to buy the ad you inquire about.

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4. Offer a valuable incentive

Create a special incentive and offer it to potential affiliates in exchange for them joining your program.

The incentive should be offered in addition to the affiliate commissions.

You can offer extra cash and mention you will pay it upfront if the affiliate promotes your product to 100 people. This means the affiliate receives money for just sending your offer to his or her list and then gets the commissions every time someone buys.

5. Credit super affiliates in your product

One effective way to get noticed by a super affiliate is to mention them in your product. Credit the affiliate for playing a role in helping you achieve a certain goal or inspiring you to take action.

Once you mention a super affiliate in your product, tell them about it.

You can also recommend their product or service in your product. Add the recommendation in the “Additional Resources page” or throughout your content.

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Contact the potential affiliate and state how you have credited them. For example, say “I credited you in my product as my mentor in ABC.” You can either send the affiliate a free copy of your product or just state where you mentioned them.

This should get you the attention you need.

You can then talk about your affiliate program and offer incentives. Such as discounts for their subscribers or a higher commission.

6. Send a special incentive

Create a special incentive and make it available only to one super affiliate. Identify the person who is highly likely to get you more sales and send your proposal.

Introduce your affiliate program, mention your commission structure, talk about the product you want to promote, and state that you’ve created an exclusive bonus for him or her.

If the affiliate turns you down, identify another potential affiliate and go through the same process. You will eventually find your super affiliate.

7. Promote your potential affiliates’ products

Ensure reciprocity. Promote your potential affiliate’s products to get them to market yours.

It’s easy to convince someone to work with you if you show that you are not only concerned about getting more from the partnership. Show that you also care about the affiliate’s goals and success.

Don’t just offer to promote the affiliate’s product, receive the affiliate link, post it on your newsletter, and forget about it. Make sure you bring in sales so that your potential partner can see you are committed.

Promote across your social media platforms, blog about it, and use paid ads if there’s a need.

When you bring in sales, the affiliate will appreciate your efforts and agree to promote your product.

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8. Offer to promote your affiliate’s product repeatedly

Get the affiliate’s attention by offering to promote their products for 8 months or so in exchange for joining your affiliate program.

Add the super affiliate’s product or service to your autoresponder email and advertise to your subscribers.

The super affiliate benefits because he or she promotes your offer once, gets their product sent to your subscribers repeatedly, and generates sales every time someone buys.

You benefit because you get into a partnership with a super affiliate, have your product sent to thousands of people, generate a profit from their list, and build your mailing list in the process.


Getting super affiliates to work with you can greatly increase your sales and boost your earnings. However, it’s not easy to get their attention. Fortunately, we’ve covered 8 methods to attract them and convince them to join your affiliate program. So, use the outlined methods to get the attention you want.

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