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One of the best ways to succeed as a business owner is to start an affiliate program and work with good affiliates that have a proven track record.

Now the problem with this is that the best affiliates aren’t looking for opportunities. Great opportunities come to them daily.

So, you have to give them a compelling reason to work with you and start making sales.

We’ll cover the best ways to identify top affiliates and convince them to work for you.


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1. Find your competitor’s best affiliates

The first thing you need to do is find your competitor’s best affiliates.

So, go to your competitor’s contest leaderboards and find out who wins their affiliate contests.

Identify your top 5 competitors and sign up for their affiliate programs to access this information.

Check the leaderboards for past and current contests to see which affiliates market their offers and get more sales.

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2. Identify top vendors in your niche

Some of the top vendors in your niche are your competitor’s super affiliates. They have huge platforms dedicated to promoting and selling specific products. So, find and target them.

You may also notice that some of the top sellers are your competitors. Partner up with them and turn them into your affiliates.

The best thing about this is that they already have a huge audience and lots of buyers. Making it easy for you to get your offer in front of the right people and increase sales.

Check clickbank.com, amazon.com, and jvzoo.com for the best-selling products in your niche.

Identify marketers with big product launches and connect with them. They are also the best affiliates to work with because they have the biggest customer list.

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3. Join social media groups and forums

Another effective method to find your competitor’s affiliates is to join social media groups and forums. Places they spend most of their time on.

Search for ‘affiliate marketing forums’, ‘your niche + affiliate network’, and ‘affiliate discussion’ on Google to find your affiliates.

Enter the same keywords on the Facebook search box to find the right groups to join.

Pay attention to the conversations, join the best groups, and target people who consistently promote products similar to yours.

4. Pay attention to reviews

Affiliates often write product reviews and comparison articles. So, search for your competitor’s products and add ‘review’ to your search term.

Focus on affiliates that constantly rank for certain keywords and partner with them. This is because if the affiliate holds multiple key rankings for multiple competing products, they will generate traffic to your offer.

Find affiliates by signing up for your competitor’s affiliate programs and accessing the content they give to their affiliates. Identify titles and excerpts from the content and find out who uses the content to promote their offers.

Search for your competitor’s lead magnet titles, blog post titles, and any other content they have.

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5. Search for top advertisers

Search for affiliates that consistently place paid ads for products because chances are, they are making money from that.

Check sites that accept advertising and analyze the affiliate link.

For example, check if there is a URL redirect because affiliates often redirect affiliate links through their domain names.

Find out who owns the domain by running a whois search on www.whois.com

You can also search for the affiliate ID or link on Google if it’s a direct affiliate link.

Another effective method to find your affiliates is to search for your competitor’s product names on Google. You’ll find reviews, text ads, and other relevant content. Find out who placed the ad and approach them.

Note that you’ll also get a list of sponsored paid ads that lead to the affiliate’s pages.

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6. Build meaningful relationships

You’ve identified the best affiliates in your niche, now you have to convince them to work for you.

The best way to achieve that is to build relationships with them because people prefer to work with businesses they trust and like.

So, engage with their content online and show you care. For example, leave noticeable comments on their blog and social media pages. You can also DM the affiliate on Twitter or send an email talking about their recent newsletter issue. This gets you the attention you need.

You can also start by becoming their affiliate first and promoting a certain product. That way, it will be easy for you to convince them to market your offers when the time comes.

Another method is to build a good reputation for yourself and become an industry expert. Super affiliates will trust you and be more than willing to work with you.

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7. Offer exclusive benefits

Make it about your affiliates and offer exclusive benefits that get them interested in what you are proposing.

You can give them free access to your product. Whether it’s a $50 product or an $800 product.

Remember that your affiliate wants to thoroughly review the product before promoting it. So, make it easy for them to do so. Don’t ask them to pay for it. Give them free access to raise interest.

You can also offer interesting benefits like exclusive bonuses for their customers, a higher commission rate, extra commission on backend sales and upsells, and instant commissions.

The goal is to get the super affiliates to choose you above the competition.


One good affiliate can greatly enhance your sales and conversions. All you need to do is use the above-mentioned tips to get the best of the bunch and convince them to work for you.

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