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Creating viral content helps you reach qualified leads, increase web traffic, boost engagement, and grow your customer base.

The only problem with this is that making something go viral takes time. Be it a blog article, video, social media post, or any other content you create.

So, take the following steps to launch a viral marketing campaign and reach your goals.


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Learn from other marketers

The most effective way to master anything is to learn from the experts. So, search for viral campaigns or content and find out what made them popular. For example, is the viral content free? Is it funny? Is it controversial? Perhaps it’s related to a trending topic or event? Whatever the case, identify the main thing that led to high engagement and use it to improve your campaigns.

Understand your target audience and share content that appeals to them. Research trending topics in your niche and identify topics your followers spend most of their time discussing.

The best way to create viral content is to avoid overpromoting yourself or your offer. If you create something valuable and attention-grabbing, it will go viral, get people curious about the rest of your content, and ensure conversions. Without you overpromoting.

However, if you want to mention your offer, do so but don’t overpromote it because people will lose interest.

Identify a trending topic in your niche and move on to the next step:

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Create your viral content

Create your viral content and decide on the best format to use. Consider your audience and pick a format they interact with best. For example, if your audience prefers videos, record a viral video. If they interact best with text, write and publish an article.

If you are not good at writing or video recording, hire a professional. Search for reputable freelancers on Fiverr or Guru.

Offer value with your product to attract attention.

Develop a traffic generation strategy

After creating your content, develop a traffic generation strategy.

Determine how you are going to reach your audience. For example, what platform does your audience use?

Create an effective strategy to reach a bigger audience. If you want your blog post to go viral, for example, tell your followers, subscribers, and website visitors about it. Add a link to the post across all your social media pages, on your YouTube bio, and on all promotional materials. Such as giveaways. That is key to getting your content in front of a bigger audience.

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Publish on the right platform

One thing that makes it difficult to reach the right audience or attract attention is not using the right platform for your content.

So, publish on the right platform to minimize frustrations.

For example, if you have a YouTube channel and many active subscribers, run your viral marketing campaign on YouTube. If you have lots of blog readers and a high readership, run your campaign on your blog.

Another option is to create an eBook and give it to your email subscribers, social media followers, and blog readers.

The most important thing is to identify a platform with high engagement and publish on it. One that your target audience favors.

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Promote your content

If your content doesn’t go viral after taking the previously mentioned steps, promote it. Talk about it on your website, social media pages, and forums. Such as Quora or Reddit.

You can also use PPC advertising to increase visibility.

If your video or article doesn’t go viral after taking the outlined steps, go through the process again and create different content. Study your target audience, pick a different topic, decide what type of content to create, pick the right format, and publish. You can use the same platform or choose a different one. The most important thing is to focus on a platform that your audience likes and engages with the most.

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Creating viral content requires adequate research, time, and the right strategy. If you know your audience, do proper research, pick the right content format, and create quality content, you will get the attention you want. Remember that your content piece can be funny, controversial, or informative. It could be a funny video with inside jokes about your niche or a step-by-step guide that helps people master a certain skill. As long as it’s relevant to your audience. Take the outlined steps to create and publish viral content today.

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