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Building a list is one of the most effective online marketing strategies every marketer should use. Successful marketers know this and are benefitting from it a great deal.

However, if you are only starting or aren’t sure how to go about it, you may fail to see desirable results.

That’s why we’ll cover the best ways to profit from any list. Whether you have a small list, a large one, or are just starting.


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Password-protect your site

This is the most effective and profitable method. That’s why I want us to look at it first.

Have a password-protected membership area on your website and upload valuable resources for members. Email a free username and password to users that they can use to access the resources.

Make sure you offer valuable resources to get sign-ups and build your mailing list. You can offer eBooks, e-courses, articles, tools, and so on. These should be exclusive to members and given away for free.

When you get new members, send a ‘thank you’ email, give subscribers their login details, and introduce the next free resource that comes with being a member.

You can gather 10 articles of high-quality content that’s relevant to your audience and give new members access once they join. You can compile these into an eBook or write an eBook from scratch. Give the first 2 to 3 chapters for free and then promote the book you are selling.

Another option is to create an e-course and use it as your first resource. Members can access the first lesson for free and then pay for the remaining lessons.

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If you don’t have a course or eBook to sell, you can use an affiliate offer. Write at least 3 articles related to what you want to promote and send them to members for free. Make sure the articles are packed with valuable information and free tools. You can then promote the affiliate offer after sending the free articles and make money from that.

Create at least 15 free resources in your membership area that members can have access to. This is a great way to show you are concerned about helping members reach their goals, navigate challenges, or solve identified problems. It proves you care and helps you retain members.

Managing your users and sending out emails can get tedious once you get more members and your list starts growing. So, use an autoresponder like to take the load off your shoulders.

You can easily collect email addresses, send ‘welcome emails’, send ‘thank you’ emails, advertise your offers, and manage your list.

Make sure you attach a link to the membership page in your ‘welcome email.’

Use to set up a membership area on your website or hire a freelancer on

Optimize your free resources

The main goal is to make money from your list and membership site. So, make sure you do precisely that. Optimize your free resources to ensure you profit from them.

The first thing you want is to make sure every free resource you give away is valuable and helps site members in some way.

Next, make sure you benefit from giving it away. Achieve this by sending out a free resource that’s incomplete as we mentioned earlier. Such as giving away the first lesson from your e-course.

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Another method is to send a free resource that can only be enhanced by purchasing a similar product or service. Make money with the paid product or add your affiliate link and have users buy through the link.

The goal is to ensure you earn even if you don’t have a product of your own. You give away a free resource that leads to a paid offer through your affiliate link.

The best way to benefit is to write persuasive email copy, show subscribers how they’ll benefit, and convince them to buy.

Offer email mini-courses

Create and offer email mini-courses to start profiting from your list.

A mini-course takes 90 minutes to complete. Its main aim is to help students or in this case, subscribers learn one specific skill or concept.

Successful marketers use mini-courses to build industry authority, attract leads, and sell more products. You can also benefit from incorporating the same method into your online marketing.

You can introduce your mini-courses in your “thank you” emails, sales pages, as a popup on your website, in your free resources, or in your regular newsletter.

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Create 5 or more e-courses and load them to your autoresponder to simplify the whole process.

Each course can have 6 or more lessons. Make sure the courses you create are related to each other to retain your audience. For example, pick a niche and focus on it. You could offer lessons on starting an online business, setting up your website, marketing your business, generating leads, and building a sales funnel.

Introduce your next course before sending the last lesson in your first course. That way, you will keep subscribers interested and sell more products.

You can sell these mini-courses, use them to promote a paid course that lasts for 30 or so hours or use them to promote an affiliate product.


All the techniques we covered are the secrets to making money from any list without being too salesy. If you use them, you will see an increase in your email open rate, build customer loyalty, and get more sales.

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