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One challenge most business owners face is building and growing their email lists. You know that building your mailing list is key to attracting new customers, retaining existing buyers, effectively promoting your product, and selling more products. However, you don’t know how to get more people to subscribe or get existing subscribers to open your emails.

You don’t have to bang your head against the wall trying to figure that out anymore.

I will help you grow your list in 10 days using strategies that successful marketers are using and profiting from.


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Day 1: Create a high-converting opt-in landing page

Welcome to Day 1. Today you will create an opt-in landing page so you can convince users to sign up.

Build your page with,, or or

You can also hire a designer on Fiverr or any other reputable platform you choose. If you prefer.

Your landing page should have the following to attract attention:

• A compelling headline.

Highlight the main thing subscribers will benefit from joining your mailing list. Use trigger words to arouse curiosity. For example, free, new, and proven.

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• A list of benefits.

Write a short story and show users how they will benefit from signing up for your newsletter. Make sure your page ranks on the SERPs. Use high-ranking keywords in your headline and throughout your content.

Add client testimonials to build trust and prove credibility.

Use freebies to get sign-ups. It could be an eBook, a mini-course, or infographics.

• A strong and clear call to action.

Add a clear CTA and tell users what to do next. For example, if you want them to enter their email address and get a free eBook, write: “Enter your first name and email address. Get your free copy now and discover the secrets to ABC.”

Congratulations on setting up your page, writing your landing page copy, and adding a compelling CTA. See you on the next challenge.

Day 2: Create an effective autoresponder series

Welcome! Today you will create an effective email autoresponder series so you can simplify the entire process.

Your autoresponder will make it easy to collect emails, send emails, nurture your list, promote paid products, and enhance sales.

Write at least 6 messages for your series. For example, “thank you emails”, “welcome emails”, free valuable content, and promotional emails. Add more messages as you go.

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Don’t send too many promotional emails because people will unsubscribe. Instead, send free quality content. Help subscribers solve certain problems, mitigate challenges, access free tools online, and so on.

Make sure your automated content is relevant to your audience and evergreen.

Day 3: Start an affiliate program

You have your landing page set up and your autoresponder series in place. Now you have to think of how to get people to your landing page. Over the next 7 days, that’s what we’ll be focusing on. We will be using different methods. If you follow along and take the necessary steps, you will increase traffic to your page and get more sign-ups.

Today you will start an affiliate program so you can work with top affiliates and reach a bigger audience.

Take the following steps to set up your affiliate program:

• Choose the products or services you want affiliates to promote
• Set your pricing and commission rates
• Create special incentives

When setting your price and commission rates, make sure you and your affiliates benefit.

Make sure the product affiliates promote leads to your opt-in landing page.

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Day 4: Work with JV partners

Recruit JV partners that already have many followers and buyers. Search for partners on Google, Amazon, and Clickbank. You can also look for partners by searching for niche keywords and adding ‘blog’ at the end. Find top blogs in your niche, approach the blogger or owner, and ask for a partnership. You can also search for people with top newsletters in your niche and partner up with them.

List 20 potential partners. Know what sort of content they focus on and only choose partners that focus on products or services relevant to your niche.

Day 5: Convince top marketers to work with you

Welcome to Day 5. Now that you have a list of potential partners, it’s time to convince them to work with you. Achieve this by writing a compelling email.

Introduce yourself, talk about your affiliate program, mention why you want to work with the potential affiliate, talk about your commissions, explain how your partner benefits, indicate your expertise level, add social proof, and offer a special bonus.

Decide what you want from the partnership and make sure your partner knows what’s expected from him or her.

Offer to promote the affiliate’s product to convince them to promote yours. Join their mailing list to get them to agree to the partnership.

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Day 6: Launch a blog

Hopefully, you managed to get at least 3 partners to join your affiliate program yesterday. Today you will build and launch your blog and use it to increase traffic to your opt-in landing page.

Use WordPress to create and launch your blog. simply go to and start building.

You will have access to many professional templates you can customize. So, don’t worry about the design process.

Use your blog to share free, quality content and build relationships with prospects.

Add an opt-in form on your blog to get more email subscribers.

Upload content daily or weekly to retain your audience and increase readership.

Leverage SEO to boost visibility and make sure people find your content when they search for offers or information relevant to your niche. Identify high-ranking keywords in your niche and use them throughout your content.

Day 7: Market your content

Today you will focus on marketing your blog content on social media and online forums like Quora.

Set aside 3 to 4 hours and share posts on your social media pages and forums. Interact with your followers and leave comments on their posts to attract attention. Join at least 10 Facebook groups within your niche.

Add snippets from your blog posts and promote your newsletter. Talk about what you do, how often you email subscribers, and how users benefit from your content.

You can also use video marketing to promote your content. Record and share your video on YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok.

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Day 8: Create a viral marketing campaign

Today’s task is to promote your video or blog article and make sure it goes viral.

Pick one free product and send it to your subscribers, followers, affiliates, and JV partners. Ask them to send or promote it to their followers on social media pages and blogs. Promote the free product to your followers and subscribers as well. Advertise on platforms preferred by your target audience.

Pick a product that’s relevant to your target audience. One that interests them and the kind that will capture attention.

Day 9: Use PPC marketing

Welcome to Day 9. If you completed yesterday’s task, you now have a free product that has gone viral or at least attracted lots of views.

The next thing to do is leverage PPC Marketing. It helps you reach even more people.

Start an effective PPC campaign to attract attention, get clicks, and grow your list.

Write persuasive ad copy, choose high-ranking keywords, use attention-grabbing headlines, and highlight how the user benefits from clicking your ad.

Your ad should lead to your landing page. The one you set up on Day 1. If you followed the steps to create a high-converting opt-in landing page, you won’t have any problems getting users to join your mailing list.

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Day 10: Use contest giveaways

Congratulations on making it this far. I am sure your list has started growing. Today you will hold a contest and use it to get more email subscribers.

Create an interesting online contest that’s valuable to your audience. The kind that captures attention and encourages people to participate.

Pick interesting prizes that attract sign-ups. Have prices for several runner-ups and a grand prize for the main winner.

Promote your contest across social media platforms, emails, and all your marketing materials. State that users have to join your mailing list (if they are not yet a subscriber) to participate in the contest and stand a chance to win.

Talk about the contest, what’s expected from contestants, and your prizes to grab attention. You can use cash prizes, your products, your services, ticket prizes, shopping vouchers, or gift cards.


Use this guide to grow your list and see your sales improve.

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