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Blogging is one online marketing method that has helped many people become thought leaders and industry experts. Some have reached their money goals by blogging consistently and sharing high-quality content.

However, not all bloggers make it because some stick to uploading content and hoping for the best. Unfortunately, you need more than that to see a return on investment for your efforts.

You have to promote your blog to succeed.

So, implement the following methods to market your blog and become a successful blogger:


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Create viral posts

One viral post or video is all you need to get more blog traffic and readers. That is how most people succeed. If one post goes viral you will easily reach your goals. You’ll attract new leads, turn readers into customers, and sell more of your products or services.

Starting a viral campaign or getting your content seen by thousands of people is not easy. You have to come up with an effective traffic generation strategy, use the right platform, and learn from successful viral campaigns.

Create a traffic-generation strategy that attracts people to your content. You can give away free reports and attach multiple blog links to get people to visit your blog. Add permanent links in your product pages, bonus materials, and eBook, to capture traffic. If you have a YouTube channel, add a link to your blog on your channel to direct users to your blog.

Brainstorm viral content ideas and publish them on a platform that will help your content go viral.

Find popular topics in your niche and create content around them. You can create a funny video, a 15-page step-by-step guide, or a how-to guide.

Identify viral campaigns in your niche and learn from them. Pick the best platform/s to post your content.

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Recycle your Medium posts

If you have a blog and upload posts regularly, that content can become viral. Recycle the content to reach your audience and run a successful viral campaign.

All you have to do is compile related content and turn it into a long-form article or video. Edit the content and make sure it’s up to date before sharing it with your readers.

Make sure your content is valuable and of high quality. Ask your JV partners to help you promote it and share your blog URL. You can also get backlinks from top blogs and increase readership.

Leverage guest blogging

One way to get more people to see your content is to write for popular blogs and bloggers. They already have thousands of engaged readers who are interested in the type of content you share. So, use that to your advantage.

Pitch to high-quality bloggers and ask them to feature your content on their platforms. Most of them will be more than happy to partner up with you. All you have to do is create quality content and prove your expertise.

Offer to write a high-quality post for free and pick a topic that’s relevant to the audience. Add your blog link at the end of the article. If your content is interesting, valuable, and relevant, you will get the attention you need.

If you can’t convince top bloggers to agree to the partnership, work with a blogger with a decent number of followers in your niche. You can write for them and feature their content in your blog. Allow them to post on your blog in exchange for featuring your article in theirs.

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Join forums and participate in discussions

One thing that can make your posts viral is proving you are an expert in your niche. Achieve this by participating in forums like Quora, Reddit, and Stack Exchange.

Give valuable advice, answer questions, solve problems, and share constructive criticism to get attention. Make sure every conversation you start or join is beneficial to your readers. That is the best way to capture attention and get people to check your profile. Once there, they will easily follow your blog link and engage with the rest of your content.

Add your blog URL or talk about your blog post in relevant discussions. For example, if someone asks a question or has a problem you can solve with one of your posts, add your post link. Address the problem first, share one solution, and ask the reader to follow your link to access more solutions. Don’t just upload your article because you might not get any clicks.

Start a Joint Venture

Leverage joint venture partnerships to promote your content. Find the best people to work with, convince them to partner up with you, and get your blog in front of your target audience.

Create a list of 15 potential partners and approach them. Offer attractive incentives to get them to agree. State what you want to achieve, why you want to work with them, and how they will benefit from the partnership.

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Promoting your blog should top your list of priorities as a marketer. When done right, you can reach more people, increase readership, and get more conversions. Don’t just write content and expect it to bring you the attention you need. Ensure ROI and get rewarded for your work. Use the above-mentioned methods to market your blog and get the results you want.

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