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One of the main reasons you are not seeing ROI from your marketing efforts is that people don’t open your emails. You need to get subscribers in the habit of opening your emails so they can engage with your content and turn into buyers.

Use the following methods to achieve that:


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Schedule your emails

Schedule your emails and make it easy for subscribers to open them. Decide how often you will email prospects and highlight it in your opt-in form. You can either email them daily or weekly. Depending on your goals, your target audience, and your preferences. This is the best way to get users excited about your content and always look forward to what you will share next.

Know the best time to send your emails

Know the best time to send your emails and improve your click-through rate. Email your subscribers when they are online and have time to engage with your content.

A few things to consider when picking the right time are your audience’s geographical location and user behavior.

Know when your subscribers comment on your social media posts and blog. Send your emails at that time. Find out when most people joined your mailing list and pick that day to send your emails. For example, if most people signed up for your newsletter on Wednesday, email them on that day.

Remember that users receive countless emails from your competitors daily. So, be consistent, pick a schedule, and stick to it to increase your chances of success.

Monitor and test your strategy until you identify one that works.

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Deliver on your promises

One thing that can cause people to lose interest in your content and unsubscribe from your mailing list is failing to deliver on your promises. For example, your headline may promise one thing, and your content not deliver on the promise.

So, use relevant headlines to build trust. Don’t use clickbait titles. Especially if they are not related to what you are sharing.

Write great headlines that are attention-grabbing and relevant to the information contained in your emails.

Send quality content

Curate and share high-quality content to retain attention. If users benefit from your content, they will always get excited about what you are sharing.

Make sure every email you send adds value to prospects’ lives. You could share tips, industry news, trends, and how-to articles. The goal is to impress users with every email you send. That is how you get clicks, retain attention, and boost engagement.

Take it a step further and reward users for staying on your list. For example, offer a 30 percent discount on your product to everyone who remains your subscriber for six months.

Raise curiosity

Appeal to curiosity and get users looking forward to your next email. Talk about what you will share next and assure people they don’t want to miss out. Encourage them to read your next issue and give them a reason to do so. For example, you can say “Tomorrow you will discover the best way to do ABC. You don’t want to miss out on this because it’s the only method you need to know to reach [add certain goal]. So, stay tuned and keep an eye out on your inbox.”

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Send reminders

Send follow-up emails and remind users to open your emails. Reputable email service providers make it easy for you to identify people who open your emails and those who don’t. So, make the most of that feature.

Find out how many people click on your headlines and engage with your content. Identify subscribers who don’t open your emails and send reminders asking them to do so.

Be polite. Say, “Hie [add the name of the recipient], my email software is saying you haven’t opened any of my emails since you subscribed. Sometimes it could be a technical glitch. If so, I apologize. Otherwise, I want to know if you still want to receive my emails. If so, please click on this link [add a link]

Your subject headline for this type of email can be any of the following:

• Do you still want to continue receiving my emails?
• Following Up: [add reminder]
• Friendly reminder: [add reminder]
• Response required: [add reminder]


Improve your email open rate to increase your conversions. Implement these methods to get users in the habit of opening your emails and start seeing a return on investment for your efforts.

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