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Retargeting helps you generate new traffic, ensure conversions, and increase sales. It’s when you recycle targeted content or ads to boost interactions and turn users into customers. For example, you may repost your blog post article on social media or show targeted ads to web visitors who didn’t complete a purchase or download a giveaway.

This is the most effective way to attract sales.

Use the following retargeting methods to maximize sales and succeed.


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Retarget your web traffic

Retarget every web visitor you get to ensure conversions. Make sure everyone who visits your site joins your mailing list. Add an email sign-up form asking users to subscribe. It could be a pop-up that prompts them for their email addresses. If your website or blog has quality, valuable information, users will sign up.

That is because they know that they will benefit from doing so.

If your target audience doesn’t join your mailing list, redirect them to an attractive lead magnet page when they are about to exit your page.

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Your lead magnet must be relevant and helpful to your audience. That is the only way to capture attention.

If they don’t take advantage of your giveaway, redirect them to another offer. However, don’t overdo it because if you send too many offers, you will lose web traffic.

Another option is to retarget your social media followers and email subscribers. Redirect them to your website and lead pages. Get social media followers to join your mailing list by offering a valuable giveaway. Convince email subscribers to purchase your product by redirecting them to your lead page.

You can also promote related offers to everyone who buys. For example, add upsell offers on your order form per each successful purchase. That helps you turn first-time buyers into repeat customers and is a great way to retain your existing clientele.

If you want to retarget blog post readers, have a related articles section after every article. Make sure you recommend the right articles to get attention. For example, ones that are closely related to each other.

Recycle your content

Recycle your content to get more traffic and save time and money.

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Use the following methods:

• Update old but popular blog posts
• Turn your social media posts into blog posts
• Turn a course into a lead magnet
• Turn a series of articles into autoresponder emails
• Turn content into an infographic
• Turn a “tips” article into a series of articles
• Splinter your content and create a lead magnet. For example, create worksheets, cheat sheets, or checklists
• Turn your content into a video

Use retargeting platforms

Use the best retargeting platforms to effectively reach your audience and boost conversions.

The best platforms to work with are:

• Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Retargeting to reach your target audience via Facebook feeds and Messenger. You can retarget on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. You can create ads relevant to your audience, design specific campaigns, track performance, and more.

• LinkedIn Ads

Target your audience based on specific actions. For example, people who fill out a lead generation form, visit an event, and visit your company page and view your videos.

LinkedIn retargeting is more effective if you want to reach more B2B customers.

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• Google Ads

Google Ads retargeting helps you retarget customers on all Google assets. For example, the SERPs and partner networks.

You can use dynamic remarketing, standard retargeting ads, and many other campaigns. The best part is that you have complete control over your ads. For example, you can choose when your ads are displayed. You can show your ads to people who visited specific website pages.

• MailChimp

Use MailChimp retargeting to reach users who have shared their contact details with you. Build segments based on how prospects engage with your emails, company app, and website.

Send messages to your email subscribers to direct them to your website and get conversions. Use the in-built analytics to understand your audience, nurture relationships, and enhance sales.

• Adroll

Adroll has a wide range of retargeting tools and is one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to improving your online presence.

You can use behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, and demographic targeting.

The platform allows you to reach your audience across various devices, browsers, and marketing channels.

Adroll also integrates with Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and other major platforms.

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Don’t let your website visitors leave your pages without joining your mailing list or buying your products. Turn your social media followers into email subscribers and convert your email subscribers into customers by using the retargeting methods we covered to get more conversions and ensure sales.

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