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Email marketing is one of the most underrated yet effective ways to attract leads, nurture relationships, and increase conversions.

Nonetheless, your emails are only effective when you write and format them correctly. This is the main reason some marketers are profiting from their lists while others aren’t.

Today we’ll cover 5 types of quality emails you need to start sending to your list to increase conversions.


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1. Useful information mailing

Everyone loves free access to useful information. This is why successful marketers use this method. If your subscribers know that you always share helpful information, they will open your emails and eventually buy your promoted products.

All you have to do is curate compilations of helpful information and email it to your subscribers. It could be a compilation of blog posts, reputable websites in a certain niche, gaming platforms, or useful products. Depending on your niche or market.

The best way to create this type of mailing is to pick a topic, gather your resources, and write your email.

Choose a topic that is popular in your niche and related to the product or service you want to promote.

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Once you pick your topic and identify the product you want to advertise, gather your resources.

Find the most popular and valuable resources in your niche. Make sure the resources are useful and relevant to your audience. Prospects should be able to use the recommended resources to reach a certain goal. You can mix paid resources and free resources.

Write down links to those resources and make sure they are relevant to your audience and up-to-date.

Next, create your mailing. Write engaging copy to attract attention, retain it, and motivate prospects to read to the end.

You can create an email series and send it to your list. Compile 5 or so resources per email. Add your paid product or the service you want to promote per every email you send to increase your chances of getting conversions.

Convince prospects to open and read your emails. Arouse curiosity, share tips, and create original content.

Add trigger words to your headlines to capture attention.

2. Welcome mailing

One thing that will get subscribers to buy your paid product is making them see value in the relationship they have with you.

So, focus on building meaningful relationships first before promoting your offers.

Achieve this by making the most of your welcome emails.

Appreciate subscribers for joining your list, tell them what to expect from your newsletters, how often you will email them, and state how they will benefit from reading your emails.

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Make sure every email you send out promotes the next email. Mention what you cover in the upcoming email and tell your subscribers they don’t want to miss out on the content you send.

Give new subscribers a surprise bonus for joining your list.

Maybe you offered a downloadable bonus to get the subscriber’s email address. Take it a step further and add another bonus to your first email. This is a great way to retain your subscribers and keep them looking forward to more content.

The additional bonus can be a template, checklist, cheat sheet, eBook, tools, or free access to a membership site.

3. News mailing

The News mailing gets lots of attention and engagement simply because people love news.

So, you can start a news-centered mailing and use it to increase your open rates and conversions.

Send new stories in your niche and ground-breaking news. Find a way to link the stories to your offer.

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For example, you can share a story on a reputable company that has been hacked and then promote your eBook that focuses on teaching cybersecurity to small businesses. You can also promote your blog that focuses on technology and online security. Direct subscribers to your offers.

Search for interesting and ground-breaking news on reputable sites like BBC News, CNN, Huffington Post, and The New York Times.

Note: Don’t copy the story or article as it is because you will face copyright issues. Do your research and use your own wording or simply add a link to the article.

4. Recommendations mailing

Start a Recommendations mailing and use it to build meaningful relationships with your subscribers.

People are always looking for ways to save time. They don’t want to spend hours looking for the best products or resources online. Make their job easier and help them find what they are looking for without spending hours browsing the internet.

Compile the best resources, tools, or products, relevant to your audience and use them to get attention. If you do this right, you will become a reliable source of information and subscribers will trust your content. Which makes it easy for you to get sales when you promote your products.

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Your emails should focus on the following:

• Top resources in ABC
• Top 20 tools to achieve ABC
• Top 10 favorite sites covering a certain niche or topic

When compiling your list, consider market trends. Practice social listening and identify your target audience’s interests. Recommend free and paid resources.

Only recommend useful resources to build trust and avoid tarnishing your image.

Share tips on using the resources and highlight the pros and cons of each resource. Say which one you recommend and state why.

5. Contributor mailing

One thing that makes it difficult to get conversions is that people don’t engage with your emails. It’s not that your content is without value.

So, to ensure conversions, increase engagement. Write emails that keep your subscribers interacting with your content. For example, send surveys or ask them to partner with you on a certain project.

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Start a joint venture partnership and ask your subscribers to work with you on a new project. Motivate them to accept the partnership by offering special incentives. It could be relevant products, cash prices, or free services for a certain period.

You can ask subscribers to market your product and pay them on commission, for example.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to worry about failing to get subscribers to open your emails and interact with your content. Use any of the quality content email types we covered to increase engagement and get more conversions.

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