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One of your top priorities as a business owner is to ensure prospects engage with your content. You want them to know about your current offers and turn into buyers. The best way to do that is to make your website more visible and get more traffic.

We’ll cover 10 steps to help you increase traffic to your website and reach your business goals.


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1) State your goals

Set clear goals and work toward them. For example, if you choose to run an ad campaign make sure you state what you want to achieve from it. Do you want to get more email subscribers? Do you want to directly sell your product? Do you want more people to engage with your content? Or Perhaps you want prospects to contact you?

Whatever the goal, state it to ensure you get the results you want.

Make sure your goal is measurable to ensure success. That means stating exactly how you will reach it.

If you want to reach 500 email subscribers in 30 days, for example, estimate your conversion rate and how much traffic you’ll need to achieve that.

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2) Choose the best traffic method

Your traffic method should fit in with your overall marketing strategy. So, understand your marketing strategy first and then pick the best traffic method that allows you to reach your target audience.

This is because not all traffic sources are ideal for your overall marketing strategy. So, you have to use ones that work.

Remember that your goal is to send qualified leads to your website and ensure conversions.

So, before starting any marketing campaign, ask yourself the following questions:

• What sort of traffic do I need?
• Who do I want to reach?
• Where does the current traffic come from?
• What are the demographics and is my audience directly interested in what I am selling?

Answering these questions helps you identify the right traffic method so you can get the right people to visit your website and enhance sales.

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3) Improve your landing page

Your landing page copy determines who engages with your content and who doesn’t. So, review and improve it.

Make sure you have a persuasive headline and a strong call to action. Write your content the right way. For example, use bullets to highlight the benefits or unique features of your product.

Provide social proof to make it easy for prospects to trust you. You can add client reviews and testimonials, for instance.

Check if there are any unnecessary links or ones that will force people off your page and remove them.

Expert Tip: Set up your sales funnel so you can start making money on the backend. Even before your overall ad campaign begins.

4) Create graphics

People prefer visuals. So, add them to your landing page, sales page, and other web pages to boost engagement.

Get free images from unsplash.com or pexels.com

You can also hire a designer on upwork.com or any other freelancing site you prefer.

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5) Add an enticing CTA

Add a strong call to action to get more clicks. Make sure your CTA tells users what to do next so you can stop them from exiting your site without taking the desired action.

6) Test everything

After stating your goal and setting up your landing page, test if everything works as it should.

For example, if you want to get more email sign-ups, test your links and forms. If you want to sell your product, go through the ordering process and make sure everything is in place.

7) Use A/B split testing tools

Use A/B split testing tools like Optimizely and Google Optimize to effectively create your content, increase conversions, and meet set goals.

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8) Invest in ads

Ads can help you reach more people and set you up for success. However, you have to make sure you don’t invest all your time and money into one ad because it might not get you the results you want. What you should do instead, is test multiple small ads and stick to ones that work.

You can have one pay-per-click ad, affiliate ad, social media ad, and newsletter ad, for example.

The most important thing is to present the unique benefits of your offer in your ad and raise curiosity. That is the only way to attract attention and get clicks.

Test your ads to make sure they are converting.

Invest more time and money into ones that have higher conversions.

9) Create an autoresponder sequence

Write autoresponder emails that will work on the backend and help you retain your subscribers.

Send ‘Welcome emails’, ‘Thank you emails’, or help prospects solve specific problems.

Cross-sell your products as you send your emails.

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10) Test your methods

Test your autoresponder emails to make sure they are working. Add more emails as you understand your audience’s needs so you can get more sales.

Analyze your paid ads, landing pages, and email campaigns. Identify the best traffic source and spend most of your resources on it. For example, if most of your traffic comes from your email campaigns, spend more resources on your campaigns and keep improving them.


By now you should have successfully identified the best traffic method to use. All you need to do is master it and keep improving it.

Move on to the next traffic source, add it to your overall marketing strategy, optimize it, and ensure profits.

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