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The most effective way to have a high-converting webinar, retain your audience’s attention, and get more sales is to polish your pitch.

You have to deliver the perfect product pitch that keeps attendees engaged and looking forward to buying your product.

Use this guide to achieve precisely that.


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1. Pitch an incomplete yet valuable product

Your main goal is to get conversions and sales. The best way to achieve that is to capture attendees’ attention, arouse interest, and make them see your paid offer is the right fit for them. Achieve this by pitching an incomplete yet valuable product.

By this, I mean your webinar pitch should leave your audience wanting more and looking forward to using your paid product.

The pitch must be useful and lead to your paid product. It must solve part of a problem and not the entire problem.

During your pitch, introduce what you are selling and ensure you don’t share all the information. Just highlight the benefits, state how the product solves specified problems provide an overview of the process, mention a few tips or relevant tools, add bonuses, and give detailed instructions on how to complete a certain task or process.

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The goal is to keep your pitch valuable so that attendees will see the paid product is worth investing in. At the same time, it has to be incomplete so you can attract sales.

Expert Tip: Create a webinar that your audience can watch repeatedly and increase sales.

Know your ideal customer and make sure the content you share is relevant to them.

The best way to get conversions is to promote the right product. That brings us to our next point.

2. Promote the right product

Promote a product that your target audience wants. Determine market demand and make sure people want your offer and are willing to buy. This will help you avoid frustrations and losses.

Find an in-depth product by knowing what prospects are buying and asking them what they want.

Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and search for bestselling products on reputable marketplaces like Amazon. This should give you an idea of what your audience wants and help you create the right product.

Use social listening, run short surveys, and ask your followers directly what they want.

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Search for trends on Google Trends to find popular topics and understand what your market wants. Create your product around that.

Make sure your webinar content and paid product appeal to your audience.

Create a high-quality product that’s profitable to you as well and not just your audience. Make sure you will benefit from it and see a return on investment for your efforts.

Key questions to answer when choosing your paid product are: “Is this in demand?”, “Are prospects willing to buy this?”, “How are my customers going to benefit?”, “What sort of profits can I make from this product?”, and “How much am I going to make?”

If you are promoting an affiliate product, make sure you earn enough to see ROI. Understand the pricing and commission structure to ensure you profit from marketing it.

Now that you’ve identified your market, selected an in-demand product, and created your webinar around the right product, it’s time to deliver the perfect pitch.

3. Deliver your pitch

Create a high-converting pitch by identifying a problem, highlighting how your paid offer solves the issue, creating a sense of urgency, and inspiring action.

Identify a common problem that attendees have and talk about it at the beginning of your webinar. Highlight the drawbacks and mention that you have a practical solution.

Introduce the solution and state how your product solves the problem. List at least 6 things customers will get from buying.

Show your product to your audience at the beginning of your webinar, once during the webinar, and at the end when asking them to take action.

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If you are selling a physical product, do a demo and show attendees how to use the product.

If it’s an info product, go through the table of contents, and briefly explain what each section covers.

The only way to sell is to motivate your potential customers to buy. So, the main thing you should focus on while delivering your pitch is to get attendees excited about your product.

Make them feel they will miss out if they don’t buy right away. Add a compelling call to action and tell your audience what to do next.

Your CTA should not only state what customers need to do but mention how. For example, if you are selling a time management app that improves productivity, your CTA copy should read: If you want to get more done in less time, start managing your time wisely, and never procrastinate, you have to get your hands on this product. Click here to get started.

Thank attendees for watching and send follow-up emails to encourage them to buy, immediately after the webinar.


This guide will help you create a high-converting offer, understand your market, and deliver the best product pitch that attracts sales.

Follow the steps outlined above to create a successful webinar.

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