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The success of your membership site depends on how well you present yourself and market your offers. You want customers to choose you above the competition. The only way to achieve that is to keep your target audience engaged and convince prospects your offers are better than the competition. That is why you need to develop a unique selling proposition to attract attention.

You want customers to favor you above the competition and see you can cater to their needs.

Implement the following methods to develop your unique selling point for your membership site and increase sales.


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Research the competition

Research the competition to determine the best way to position yourself right and make it easy for prospects to choose you. You want to make sure your brand stands out and caters to your audience’s needs.

Your USP has to easily answer the one question every customer has when they interact with your brand: “What makes you different from the competition?”

So, identify your top 5 competitors, analyze their marketing strategies, understand their offers, and determine how you differ from them.

What is one thing you do better than your competitors? Is it your pricing strategy, membership model, or customer service? You need to identify what sets you apart and use it to attract attention.

Identify your unique qualities

Identify your unique qualities and use them to write your USP.

What special qualifications do you have? What is one thing you do better than the competition? And Do you have any work experience in the field? For example, you may be running a finance training membership site and have worked 10+ years as an accountant.

Highlighting that or mentioning it in your marketing materials can help you stand apart. You will turn prospects into members because they trust you know what you are doing.

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Consider your membership model, pricing model, customer service, offers, and coaching sessions. What’s unique about them? How are your methods and systems different from the competition?

Answer these questions and write down everything you do differently.

Maybe your prices are lower than the competition’s? Maybe they are higher and high-quality? Perhaps your customer service is different from the competition and you offer 24/7 support. Maybe you offer special bonuses and extra perks that your competitors don’t. Perhaps you are the only one offering daily or weekly sessions in your niche?

All these are your possible USPs. So, whatever you do differently, identify it and use it to attract members and retain them.

Choose your USP

Now that you have a list of possible USPs, it’s time to choose the one that will arouse interest, attract prospects, and get sales.

Go through all your possible USPs and identify one that will help you position yourself right. Choose one that makes you stand apart from the competition and help you position yourself in the market in the most beneficial way.

Next, consider your customer’s needs. What are prospects looking for? What do they need? What is one thing they value the most? And How are you going to provide what they need?

The main goal is to develop a unique selling proposition that focuses on a feature that your potential customers want. You have to focus on the main benefit and use it to attract leads.

Write your USP

Now that you understand the main thing prospects want, it’s time to write your USP.

Note that it has to be short, persuasive, and clear, and make it easy for your audience to understand your offer.

Remember that it not only influences prospective customers but guides your marketing decisions as well. Enabling you to improve your branding strategy and enhance sales.

When writing your USP statement, make sure it includes your vision and how the customer benefits.

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Here are a few examples of well-written USPs to get inspiration from:

• Starbucks: “Commitment to the highest quality coffee in the world”

• Nike: “Unique sports gear for genuine athletes”

• FedEx: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight”

The main goal when writing your USP is to make it easy for customers to understand your brand and see how they benefit.


Your USP can determine who engages in business with you and who doesn’t. It can help you stand apart from the competition, position your brand right, attract prospects, and ensure sales. Use the methods covered to develop your unique selling point and grow your membership site.

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