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One thing that makes it difficult for self-published authors to make money from their work is that they don’t know how to go about it.

I want you to know that you don’t have to worry about being one of those writers who are failing to see ROI from their efforts. You can join the few authors who are earning a 6-figure income from their skills and work.

If you’ve always wanted to be a bestseller, understand that you can.

I will show you how to become an Amazon bestselling author so you can start selling more books, profit from your work, and enjoy what you do.


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Run a campaign

Your book won’t reach bestseller status by itself. You have to put in the work. Part of that involves running a bestseller book campaign. The main goal of your campaign is to get lots of sales within a short period. That’s how you become a bestseller. By selling more copies in one day.

Achieve this by convincing your customers to buy your book and using JV partners to promote it.

Lowe your book price for a day and offer incentives to get people to buy. Your incentive should be available only for 24 hours so that customers buy your book.

It should be valuable and appealing to potential clients. So, create bonus packages and make sure they are related to your book. Include items that your customers are already paying for elsewhere to attract attention.

For example, if your book is on online marketing, create a bonus package that has a free social media marketing guide, a blogging eBook, web critiques, blog templates, free access to a membership site, and a 10-minute consultation.

Have a delivery system that allows you to automatically send incentives to customers as they buy. You can use an autoresponder or hire a sales team.

Note that some of these bonuses can come from your JV partners. This brings us to our next point.

Get JV partners

Recruit JV partners and get them to promote your book. Build relationships first then ask for a partnership.

The best way to achieve this is to build trust as you write, publish, and list the book. It then becomes easy to turn your partners into JVs later on.

However, if you need JV partners for your existing book, you can get them to agree by offering something they value and are interested in.

For example, backend revenue, commissions, the ability to build industry authority, traffic, publicity, and a bigger mailing list.

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Find prospective partners on Google,,, and social media. You can also ask your existing partners to recommend JVs or visit high-traffic blogs, newsletters, and forums. Simply run a quick Google search by entering relevant keywords. For example, if you want online marketing, search for ‘online marketing blogs.’

Contact your potential JVs and send your pitch. Not all of them will respond to your email or agree to start a partnership. Don’t get discouraged. Keep pitching but don’t overdo it.

If you don’t get a response, send a reminder. If you get a NO, respond positively and say you are still open to the partnership if your potential JV changes his/her mind. If you get a YES, make the most of the email. Thank your partner for agreeing and tell them what to do next.

Create buzz

Create a pre-launch buzz to reach a bigger audience and get more sales. You and your partners should work together to generate buzz for your book launch.

You can create buzz by posting on social media, telling your YouTube subscribers about the upcoming book launch, distributing press releases, posting in a forum like Quora, where you are an active participant, and mentioning the launch in your blog posts, webinars, and podcasts.

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Make sure your JV partners do the same thing.

Build a mailing list and send emails about the launch. Send one email a month before launch day, another one 7 days before the launch, another one a day before the launch, and the last one on launch day.

Create a pre-launch or countdown page to build anticipation. Don’t add a ‘BUY NOW’ link before launch day because the goal is to get more sales in one day and hit the bestseller status. Add your CTA an hour to the launch day.

Price your book right

One mistake that authors make is setting the price wrong. You don’t want to make the same mistake. You have to price your book the right way to attract sales. So, find out how bestselling books in your niche are priced and set your price right.

Go to to learn more about pricing your book. Navigate to ‘help’ and then scroll down the Help Topics to find the information you need. Go to ‘KDP publishing,’ then ‘Create a book’, then ‘Pricing resources’, and then ‘Price your book.’

Run tests

The last thing you want is to fail to send incentives to customers or your JV partners. You also don’t want any technical glitches during launch day. So, run tests to ensure smooth operations. Make sure everything works as expected. For example, your CTAs and all your pages.

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Have a backup plan in case your server crashes so that you don’t miss out on sales.

Think about everything that could go wrong and brainstorm solutions.

Final Words

You’ve learned everything you need about becoming an Amazon bestselling author. So, practice what you’ve learned and become a bestseller in your niche.

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