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Blogging is one of the best lead-generation methods you can use. When done right, you can double your conversions and reach your marketing goals.

However, the only way to get people to click on your posts is to write attention-grabbing headlines. This is because your audience judges your content based on your titles. You won’t get clicks if your title is not engaging.

That is why today we’ll cover 7 headline writing tips. So, you can get more clicks and reads.

Use the following methods to start writing great blog post headlines:


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1) Use trigger words

Trigger words are used by every successful marketer because they compel people to take action. If you choose them right, they will trigger a psychological response and influence your audience to engage with your content.

Some of the most effective trigger words to add to your titles are: new, easy, if, free, proven, explosive, should, must-have, never, secret, announcing, stop, ultimate guide, more, introducing, yes, and imagine.

2) Appeal to your audience’s interests

One way to get your audience to read your posts is to know their interests and appeal to them.

If you understand what your readers want, it becomes easy to curate content that gets attention.

You can optimize your titles to speak to those needs and capture attention. Stick to topics that are relevant to your audience to get more views. For example, if you blog about business and finance, stick to that. Write posts that evolve around that niche.

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3) Highlight benefits

One thing that prospects want is to know how engaging with your content or doing any form of business with you benefits them.

So, highlight what they will get from reading your content. Give them a reason to click on your posts. Make your readers feel they will miss out if they don’t click on your posts.

Add at least one thing they will benefit from your article.

For example, if you focus on productivity, use “Get more done in less time” or “Do ABC 2 times faster” as your headline.

4) Be specific

One thing that makes it difficult to get clicks is that your titles are too complicated or vague. They are not clear enough for readers to want to read them. So, be specific. Make it easy for your blog readers to visualize the story before clicking on it.

Provide enough details in your headlines to ensure that happens. For example, if online security is your niche, one of your titles can be “Secure your website from cyberattacks in 12 days.”

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5) Raise curiosity

This is one trick successful marketers use to retain their blog readers and attract new ones. You want to arouse curiosity and get your audience thinking about what comes next. So, raise curiosity with your titles.

For example, if you are a health and wellness blogger, one of your headlines should read “Here’s how this famous tech giant lost millions overnight.”

6) Learn from the experts

The best way to learn anything is to copy people who have already achieved what you are aiming for. So, identify experts in your industry and learn from them. Observe how they write their headlines. Especially viral ones with lots of likes, shares, and comments.

You can also check for viral posts on Twitter and Facebook. Pay attention to posts with high engagement and study them.

Go to www.digg.com and go through the headlines on the front page. Observe how they are written and copy the techniques. Only the titles that have received thousands of votes make it to the front page. So, if you copy the style, you can attract more blog post readers.

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7) Test and monitor your headlines

Test and monitor your headlines to make sure they are getting you the attention you need. Run a test every time you try a new technique. For example, when you incorporate any of the mentioned methods into your strategy, check how many views you get. Did you get any clicks? If yes, how many? And how many minutes did the reader spend on your post?

Tracking the average time readers spend on your posts helps you understand them better. It shows you what sort of content your audience needs so you can cater to their needs and boost readership.


The only way to increase traffic to your blog and increase your readership is to write great headlines. That’s the only thing that gets people to click on your posts and read them. So, use the above-mentioned tips to start writing clickable blog posts and boosting engagement.

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