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Writing effective CTAs is one thing that can never be overstressed. This is because they play a huge role in increasing your conversion rates.

You have to get users interested in learning more about what you are advertising and convince them to follow your link.

So, use the following tips to write high-converting CTAs that command attention and get you the results you want.


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#1 – Give users a reason to click on your CTA

The first question you need to ask yourself is: “Why would anyone want to click on this CTA?”

You need to give users a good reason to click on your call to action because that’s the only way you can get their attention.

So, think about the benefits tied to your offer. For example, what will users gain from taking the desired action? And What losses will they incur or what will they miss out on if they don’t take action?

Once you answer that, add the main reason prospects need to click your CTA button.

For example, if you focus on Health and Wellness and want to build your mailing list, you can give away a free eBook or template on dieting and write: “Click here to get your free copy now because you can reach your weight loss goals in just 4 weeks.”

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#2 – Ensure clarity

Part of the reason people don’t click on your CTAs is that they lack clarity. You have to write a clear call to action that makes it easy for users to understand what to do next without getting into too much detail.

This is a great way to ensure simplicity and avoid complexity.

A few questions to ask yourself when writing your CTA are: “Are the instructions brief and concise?” “Are the instructions clear?” And “Should I focus on the immediate next step I want customers to take?”

#3 – Create urgency

Create a sense of urgency and make people feel they will lose out if they don’t follow your link.

Use time-sensitive phrases to create a sense of urgency and get more clicks.

For example, Ends Soon, Exclusive Discount, Buy Now, Right Away, Download Now, Act Now, Start Today, and Try Out Now.

A few questions to ask yourself when thinking of the best ways to create a sense of urgency with your CTAs are:

• Am I offering a discount?
• Am I advertising a limited-time offer?
• What unique features does this offer have?
• Is there a bonus product or service attached to the product I’m selling?
• What will customers lose if they don’t act now? For example, will there be shipping delays?

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#4 – Give specific instructions

Make sure prospects know what to do and how to do it. For example, if you want them to buy a certain product, write: Click here to get started.

The main goal is to not only show prospects the next desired action but tell them how to take that specified action.

#5 – Test your link

The worst thing that can happen to any online marketer is having links that don’t work.

Customers won’t buy from you or take any other desired action if your CTA button doesn’t work.

So, test your link and make sure it works as expected. That’s the only way to get conversions and see the results you want.

The main steps to take to ensure your link works are:

• To clear your cache
• Go through the entire process. For example, if you are selling a product, make sure the CTA button on your marketing platforms leads you to your sales page, product page, or any other relevant page. Go through the entire checkout process and ensure everything works
• Click on all your links to make sure they lead you to the desired pages
• Test your links on different devices and see how they appear

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#6 – A/B test your CTAs

A/B test your CTAs to see what’s effective.

First, decide what you are going to test. For example, you can focus only on the CTA text, using a link instead of a button, the font color, using a button instead of a link, button design, button color, the font style of your text, and the size of the button.

The goal is to test one factor of your CTA to determine what’s effective.

Take the following steps to test your CTA:

• Create two versions of the same email. Make sure everything is the same except for the one factor you are testing
• Split your email list into two groups and send the email
• Identify the version that gets you more clicks and incorporate it into your strategy
• Repeat the whole process with different factors and increase your conversion rates
• Find out if your email service provider offers testing tools and use them to speed up the process

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Use this 6-step process to write emails that have high-converting CTAs or check your current calls to action.

Remember, the best way to capture attention and get people to click on your links is to give them a reason to. Fortunately, this process helps you achieve just that. All you have to do is go through the information over and over and apply what you’ve learned.

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