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If you are a creator or sell info products online, you know how daunting the whole process can be. You have to research the best product to create, define your ideal customer, understand potential buyers, create your product, make sure your offer stands apart from the competition, market your product, and ensure sales.

The process is long, demanding, and requires a lot of up-front investment. That is the main reason most people give up. If you want to start selling info products online but are thinking it’s impossible, I want you to know that it is not.

You can build a successful business if you use the best methods to create your product.

Today, we will cover three ways to create an info product and ensure success.Here we go.


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1. Leverage outsourcing

Outsourcing is by far the best way to speed up the creation process. All you need to do is understand the product you want to create and hire the best freelancers to do certain tasks.

For example, if you want to write a 500-page eBook, research the topic and hire a ghostwriter, an editor, and a graphic designer. The writer will write all the content, the editor will proofread the book, and the graphic designer will design your book cover.

Easier said than done? Not at all.

You can find reputable outsourcers on freelancing platforms like Upwork that charge a reasonable amount for the services you seek.

The most important thing is to understand what you want to create, do proper research, and give outsourcers a detailed project outline when posting the task.

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Choose freelancers with a good reputation to avoid frustrations. Check customer reviews, the number of jobs completed, and the freelancer’s work portfolio.

It may be tempting to hire outsourcers based on price alone. However, that is one mistake you don’t want to make. Your main goal as a business owner is to make money. So, if you offer a low-quality product to customers, you won’t get sales.

Consider the price and the quality of work when choosing your freelancers. It is advisable to hire outsourcers that charge more than the competition to ensure product quality. However, if you are running a tight budget, get a freelancer that charges less for the same services but produces quality.

Research the potential employee to ensure ROI.

2. Create the product yourself

Another option is to create the product yourself. If you have the resources or expertise and are not concerned about speed.

Research your potential product, study your target audience, create your product, set side daily working hours, improve your product, and market it.

For example, if you want to create a six-months finance course, take the following steps:

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• Identify the bestselling finance courses
• Pay attention to the table of contents
• Determine what sort of information to share in your course
• Research on financial management
• Pick the best platform to create and sell your course. For example, Udemy.
• Find the best ways to make your course stand apart from the competition
• Define your ideal students
• Understand your target audience’s needs
• Cater to specific needs with your course. For example, offer a practical solution or help students reach a certain goal
• Create an outline that helps you compile your content and record your videos
• Decide how long each video or lesson should be
• Determine how many videos you need to record
• Set aside daily working hours
• Record your videos
• Edit your videos
• Promote your work

This is one of the longest routes to take. Nonetheless, it gets the job done.

All you need is time, patience, a willingness to learn, and an effective marketing strategy.

3. Use crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is when you enlist the services of a large group of people to complete your project. For example, you can hire people to help you generate product ideas, complete micro-tasks, and so on.

People can work on your project with you voluntarily or you can pay them for services rendered.

All you need to do is identify experts in your niche and ask them to contribute a piece of content.

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Gather all the information you get and turn it into an info product. You can also ask potential partners to contribute to design work. For example, if you want graphics, ask a good designer to create them for you. They can either do it for free or charge you.

Convince experts to contribute to your project by offering valuable rewards and making it worth their while.


You now know three ways to create an info product. So, pick one you are comfortable with and start building your business.

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