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Starting and growing your YouTube channel can be difficult when you’re an introvert. Perhaps you are camera shy and aren’t comfortable recording yourself or doing live sessions. Most introverts experience that. However, that doesn’t mean you mustn’t start your channel if you are passionate about it.

Today I’m going to share 20 YouTube video ideas every introvert can take advantage of.

Pick ones that appeal to you the most, create your channel, and grow.


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Reviews are a great way to attract subscribers and increase your watch hours. The best thing is that they are not just limited to extroverts.

As an introvert, you can create product or services review videos and reach your target audience.

You don’t even have to show your face. All you have to do is hold the product in your hand and review it. You can also show only the product while reviewing it. People watching your video don’t have to see your face.

The only thing you need to do is ensure you share accurate and honest information about what you are reviewing.

If you’ve used the product or services in question, mention it and share your experience with your subscribers. If you are reviewing multiple products on one video, mention one you’ve used and state why you recommend it.

People always go online to learn about things they want to buy. So, create review videos to help them choose the best products and speed up the decision-making process.

Take it a step further and add affiliate links to monetize your channel.

A great example of a product review channel that has millions of viewers but doesn’t show face is FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review.

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Start a book review channel and help your subscribers find a good book to read. Summarize the books you choose to feature or share interesting subtopics, facts, and information found in every book you review.

Focus on books you read to ensure you share the right information and increase your watch hours.

You can also review books based on genre and recommend the best one that your subscribers can read.

All you have to do is use your voice and show the books without appearing on camera. Add music at the beginning or end to get the viewers’ attention and attract more channel subscribers.

One of the best book review channels to check out is Productivity Game.

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People love everything that saves them time and makes their lives easier. So, start a channel that focuses on life hacks.

Help your audience learn new, easier, and faster ways of carrying out certain tasks. Show them how to build things, store things more effectively, finish tasks more easily, and so on.

The most important thing is to know your target audience, identify their challenges, and share hacks relevant to them.

All you have to do is record your voice and show only your hands as you do certain tasks.

If you are helping them use Google or certain apps effectively, for example, you don’t even have to show your hands. Just record your screen and show them the best ways to use the app.

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Biography videos attract lots of attention and subscribers. Use them to get your target audience to watch your videos, interact with the rest of your content, and hopefully do business with you.

Share stories of famous people in your industry. Talk about their childhood experiences, background, struggles, failures, and achievements.

You can also create a “Lessons Learned” or “What You Can Learn” section at the end of each life story and list one or two things your viewers can learn from the person you are talking about.

Go to Wikipedia and other online sources to get the information you need.

Creating biography videos is a great way to keep your subscribers motivated and coming back to your channel. The best part is that you only have to share pictures of the famous people you focus on, list the main points or relevant information, use onscreen text and your voice.

If you don’t want to use your voice, use a computer-generated voice instead.

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If you have extensive knowledge in a certain area or want to teach your viewers a new skill, create a tutorials channel.

Help your audience learn a new skill or take their existing skills to the next level.

Create screen recorded or screencast tutorials to achieve your goals.

People learn and master things better when you take them step-by-step through your videos. So, determine what you can teach your audience and start creating your videos.

All you have to do is ensure you share valuable information that’s relevant to your audience. The kind that makes their lives easier and helps them reach certain goals.

The freeCodeCamp.org channel is a great example of a channel that shares screen-recorded tutorials. Get inspiration from it and start your channel.

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Create animated videos, share your ideas with the world, and get more subscribers.

If you are an artist or want to turn the stories you share into cartoons, animated videos are worth looking into. The only thing you need to do is ensure you add some sort of value to your audience’s lives with your animated videos.

You can do book summaries, for example, and animate your videos.

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This is one of the best ideas you can try. Especially if you enjoy gaming. That is because lots of people love gaming videos and spend most of their time watching them.

The best part is that you don’t have to show your face. Plus, there’s minimal interaction.

Your gaming channel can feature videos of you playing certain games and showcasing your skills. You can pick one popular game and teach your audience to get past certain obstacles. There is no limit to what you can record. You just have to be creative about it.

Just use your voice or focus completely on gameplay with upbeat music and no commentary.

You can do beginner videos that feature simple moves, intermediate videos, and advanced videos showing complicated moves.

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Podcasting is one of the best YouTube ideas that can get you more subscribers and views. The best part is that most of the content is in audio form. So, you don’t have to show your face.

Simply use infographics or static images and share the content.

Focus on your niche and only share information that’s relevant to your audience. Make sure the content you share is useful to your audience and helps them in some way. That is how you attract views and get more subscribers.

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Conduct interviews and help your viewers learn new things. Interview thought leaders or famous people in your industry to attract attention.

You don’t have to show your face. All you have to do is compile a list of questions and ask the people you are interviewing to share their knowledge.

They can explain interesting concepts, share tips on how they accomplished what your viewers want to achieve, and so on.

One great example of a channel that takes this approach is WIRED.

All you should focus on is writing the script, getting the interview, handling the production process, and making sure everything turns out as expected. You can get someone else from your team to ask the questions and never worry about being in front of the camera.

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Compilation videos are one of the best YouTube video ideas you can try and the most common. Simply because they provide lots of value and allow your viewers to access all the information they need easily.

You can create video compilations for anything you want. From motivational videos to comedy.

People Are Awesome is a great example of a video compilations channel that showcases great stunts by ordinary people.

All you have to do is get permission from the creators to feature them or their work on your channel. Have a submissions page or ask them to send their videos to your email address. This is relevant if you want to feature videos by other people or showcase their work.

If you want to upload motivational videos, for example, there’s no need to ask for permission. As long as you share original content.

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Motivational videos attract lots of attention and most people engage with them.

You can start a motivational channel and keep your viewers inspired to chase their dreams, run their businesses, and so on. The most important thing to do is understand your audience, meet them at their points of need, and stick to your niche.

Use images and share motivational quotes by inspirational people or experts in your industry. Add interesting sounds or music to retain your audience. Make sure the music you choose complements the content you’re sharing.

Another option is to record your voice while showing the image slides on your videos or get someone else to narrate.

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Create a channel that focuses solely on success stories in your field. Feature famous business people and ordinary people who are doing great things.

Target individuals in your industry and only feature stories relevant to your audience.

You can talk about ordinary people who had humble beginnings, many failures but made it anyway.

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This is another great way to attract an audience and get more followers without standing in front of the camera.

Create a channel that focuses on brainstorming business ideas.

Share business ideas with your viewers and help them launch their startups.

Some of the topics you can cover are starting an online business, making money online, identifying your skills, and monetizing your skills.

Use whiteboards or animation and never worry about the camera.

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Upload how-to videos and teach your audience new skills. Cover all the information. From beginner level to expert level.

Share industry-specific how-to videos to ensure you retain your audience and attract people who are more likely to engage in business with you.

Create playlists and mix short videos with long videos to boost engagement.

All you have to do is share content that’s valuable to your audience. So, when you run out of things to share, reach out to your subscribers. Ask them to leave comments on one of your videos stating what they wish they could do easily or what they would like to learn.

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DIY videos provide value to your target audience. People love things that save them time, money, or energy. So, start a DIY YouTube channel and dedicate it to helping your audience in specific areas.

All you have to do is pick a niche that’s in line with your main business offer and upload DIY videos that are industry-specific.

For example, if you have a restaurant, dedicate your channel to sharing tips on making quick meals, preserving certain foods, and so on.

Again, you don’t have to show your face. Just record the entire process while showing your hands only. You can use your voice to state the steps to take or use on-screen text.

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Taking our previous example, you can create a faceless cooking channel. Share cooking tips, tricks, and hacks. Help your audience come up with new meal prep ideas, discover new recipes, and so on.

Advertise your restaurant or cooking business when you have a decent number of followers.


If you own a travel agency, create and share travel videos. Talk about places your viewers can visit, compare different holiday destinations and recommend the best location.

State what the viewer will get from the trip, mention the unique features that each location has, and list the prices.

Share images of the places and geographical locations.

If you are a photographer or love to travel, share your travel experiences with your subscribers without showing your face.

Record short videos of places you’ve visited and create picture slides of images captured in your trips.

You can also use stock images or free images from reputable websites like Unsplash.

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Create documentaries and share stories, incidents in history, and anything you choose.

Documentaries make it easy for you to share your knowledge or interesting facts with your audience and keep them informed. They also make it easy for your viewers to interact with your content and watch your videos to the end. So, consider them.

All you have to do is cover documentaries relevant to your audience and business.

Use copyright-free videos and images. Add background music or sounds to appeal to your audience.

Use your voice to narrate the event or on-screen text with music. Especially when you are using images.

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Listicles make it easy for you to retain your audience’s attention and get them to favor your videos above the competition. They are key to attracting more viewers, positioning yourself as a thought leader, and forming meaningful relations with your subscribers.

Focus on interesting topics that appeal to your audience and help them make informed choices. Make sure you stick to your niche and upload videos related to your line of business.

Use attention-grabbing titles like “Top 10 ways to do ABC” and “15 things you need to know about ABC.”

The goal is to attract attention and provide value with your listicles.

Use relevant images or plain on-screen text.

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Create presentation-style videos and share your content using presentation slides.

They make it easy for your audience to engage with your content while keeping you off-camera.

You can create explanatory videos, educational videos, or informational videos with your slides.

Use your slides to share interesting facts, help your audience learn new things, inform your audience about upcoming events, trends, or updates in your field.

Only use your voice for narration or hire someone else to do it.

Use Google Slide, Keynote, or Microsoft PowerPoint to create your presentation slides. Go with whichever tool you prefer.

If you need help choosing, go with the tool that gives you the flexibility you need and makes it easy for you to complete the entire process within a short period.

You don’t have to be an extrovert to start a YouTube channel. All you need to do is pick the best ideas relevant to your audience and business and create your channel. Use the mentioned YouTube video ideas to create interesting content, get more subscribers, attract leads, and grow your channel.

Always share quality content and make it easy for your viewers to subscribe to your channel and engage with the rest of your content.

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Upload time-lapse videos of anything you want to share with your subscribers. Your time-lapse videos can be of places you visit, DIY projects, sunsets, the night sky, growing plants, or storms. The most important thing is to stick to interesting content that appeals to your audience.

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