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One of the most effective ways to sell more products online and grow your customer base is to write effective sales letters.

When done right, you can double your conversions, grow your business, and reach your money goals.

I will walk you through the steps to write a short sales letter so you can start making money from it.


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1. Optimize your headline

Optimize your headline to make sure you attract attention and get conversions.

Remember that it’s the first thing your audience looks at on your sales page. So, use bold text and bigger font size. Use different color text for emphasis. Show how prospects will benefit from your product.

The main question to ask yourself is: “What is the main thing customers will benefit from this product?”

Once you answer that, highlight it in your headline.

Some of the best ways to write your headlines are:

• “How to do ABC”
• “What [add experts in your field] don’t want you to know about ABC”
• “If you can do ABC then you can achieve ABC”

Your headline sets the tone for your entire newsletter. It determines who reads to the end and who doesn’t. So, take your time and make the most of it.

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2. Customize your prehead

Your prehead comes just above the headline and is equally important. It’s like an introductory statement that is used to grab attention and engage prospects.

It could be a short phrase, one word, or a short paragraph. Depending on what you are selling, your goals, and your target audience.

The best way to command attention is to use a few words.

Here are a few ways to customize your prehead:

• “Shocking discovery about ABC”
• “This is the easiest way to do or achieve ABC”
• “Attention!”
• “You’ve been lied to about ABC”

3. Add a compelling post-head

The post-head is located between the headline and the opening paragraph of your sales letter copy. It should create a sense of urgency and expand on the headline.

Achieve this by mentioning a deadline and emphasizing the result. For example, say the offer is available only to a certain number of people and then add a deadline. Emphasize the result. State how the buyer will benefit.

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4. Highlight a problem

Next, introduce a problem. Make prospects see they have a problem that needs to be solved. For example, if you are selling an online marketing product, some of the problems you can mention are: “Failing to get email subscribers”, “Not attracting qualified leads”, “Low content engagement”, and “Ineffective ads.”

Share a short story that mentions the problem and makes the reader see how failing to address it affects their goals or success.

5. Introduce your offer

Next, offer a practical solution. State how your offer solves the problem. Mention that it’s different from the competition and show customers how.

Talk about your knowledge, experiences, process, and what’s unique about your offer. Your goal is to convince prospects to favor you above the competition. So, go all the way and make sure your product stands out.

6. List the benefits

Next, share the benefits that come with using your product. Use bullets or numbering for readability. Add 8 -10 benefits.

Focus on the main benefits and make sure they appeal to prospects. For example, one benefit can focus on ease of use, the other on speed, the other on flexibility, and so on.

The goal is to convince the reader that they need your product and it’s the best fit for their needs.

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7. Add social proof

People want to know what others think about your offer before buying. They want proof that your product works. They want to know that someone else has used it and benefitted in some way. So, validate your claims and prove that what you are saying is true.

Add at least 5 customer reviews and 5-star ratings. This is the best way to get attention and get customers to trust your offer.

8. Establish credibility

Establish credibility, remove doubt, and make it easy for your target market to purchase your product.

Create an effective reverse reversal strategy that will help you build trust and get sales. For example, use money-back guarantees. State that if the customer doesn’t reach the specified goal or solve a certain problem in 30 days, you will send the money back. This makes it easy for prospects to trust you and favor your product.

9. Add your CTA

Add a compelling call to action and start making money.

Your CTA should create urgency and get users to click on the buying link. It should convince them to act right away and not leave your sales page without getting the product you are selling.

Your CTA should emphasize the result and main benefit.

Add incentives, a special offer, or a discount, and mention it’s only available for a limited time. That is the best way to influence buying decisions and turn prospects into buyers.

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10. Add last-minute instructions

Next, help the reader understand what to do next. Talk about the ordering process. For example, what will happen when prospects click on your CTA and how the product will be delivered to them? Mention delivery time. For example, how long will the shipping process take if it’s a physical product?

Add legal statements. Such as terms of service, privacy notice, and a disclaimer.

Add your buying link again to make it easy for the customer to purchase your product.


11. Make the most of your PS

Your postscript goes at the end of your sales letter. Its main goal is to get the reader’s attention, specify what needs to be done, and attract sales.

Some of your customers will simply jump to the PS without reading the entire sales letter copy. That is why you have to finish strong and make the most of your postscript.

Here’s what to include in your PS:

• Your offer
• The main problem to be solved
• The main benefit
• The bonus stated earlier and how long it’s available


If you take the 11 steps that we covered to write your sales letter, you will increase conversions and sell more products.

So, start today and start seeing results.

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