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Content marketing is key to raising brand awareness, building customer relationships, nurturing qualified leads, and getting more conversions.

However, constantly producing content can be tedious. The good news is that you don’t always have to create original content from scratch. Especially if you have been blogging or producing content for several years.

All you have to do is recycle or repurpose the content you already have and turn it into cash.

We will cover 10 ways to recycle content. Whether it’s your content or PLR content.

If you focus on PLR content, make sure you have the right to reuse, modify, and resell it.


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1. Leverage niche content

Niche content is the type of content that is created to resonate with a particular audience. It can help you connect with prospects and drive sales.

Compile certain parts of your content and target a specific audience. for example, if you are a blogger, identify 20 high-quality articles that are similar to each other and turn them into an eBook.

Edit the content and target a particular group of people. For example, if you blog about business and finance, your eBook can focus on helping freelancers raise money for their startups.

Identify your target audience’s pain points and offer a solution with your eBook.

Make sure you share in-depth and accurate information. Sell your book on Amazon and other reputable sites.

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2. Create a course

Turn your content into a course and sell it on Udemy, Teachable, or Thinkific.

Have a beginner level, intermediate level, and expert level. Go through your content and organize it according to the difficulty level.

Create workbooks, cheat sheets, or planners to help your students throughout the course. Add interesting bonuses to attract more students. For example, you can offer free resources to students.

Price your course right to make sure you get a return on investment. Find out what other instructors in your niche charge and set your price. Make sure your course stands out from the rest to gain a competitive edge.

3. Change your content format

Turn your content into a different format and charge more for it. For example, you can turn articles into a long video, a text product into an audio product, a video into an audio, video into text, or audio into text.

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4. Create a “lite” version

Create a lite version of your video, eBook, or audio product and have users upgrade to access the complete product. If you are selling an eBook, for example, give the first 2 to 3 chapters for free and encourage users to buy the book.

You can promote your book in your emails, on social media, through your affiliates, through your JV partners, and within your free promotional materials.

5. Turn content into bonuses

Freebies help you attract prospects’ attention and boost sales. However, creating them can be too demanding. Fortunately, you can repurpose your content and turn it into bonuses that go with your paid products.

For example, compile videos from your YouTube channel and turn them into a free 1-hour giveaway that complements your paid product. You can also compile your blog articles and turn them into a free eBook or bonus product.

The bonus must be valuable and relevant to your audience and the paid product.

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6. Start an autoresponder email series

Start an autoresponder email series using your existing content. Send it to your email subscribers to nurture relationships, promote relevant products or services, and make money.

Choose evergreen content that appeals to your audience.

7. Feature in reputable publications

One way to succeed and reach more people as a business is to get publicity. So, use your content to get free publicity. Feature in reputable publications. Identify at least 10 top publications and write for them.

Identify relevant content and submit it to magazines, newspapers, and local media.

Edit your content and make sure it’s newsworthy. That is the only way to get published.

You can charge per publication.

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8. Build an authority website

Build an authority site using your existing content. An authority website has earned the trust of its target audience. Including industry experts. You earn trust by posting helpful content.

Research authority sites in your niche. Determine how yours can stand apart.

The best thing about authority sites is that you can reach more people, get backlinks, and create multiple revenue streams. For example, you can use ads, add affiliate links, and promote your products on the website. You attract sales because people already trust your advice and value your content.

9. Start a membership site

Create a membership site using your content. Charge a fee to access the content. You could charge monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You can also use a once-off model. Where you set a higher price and give users lifetime access to certain content.

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10. Offer resell rights

Sell resell rights to marketers and start making money.

If you have high-quality and valuable content, you can easily increase revenue.

The person who holds the resell rights can sell directly to customers.

You can also offer Private Label Rights (PLR rights). In this case, the license holder will have the right to resell, modify, and giveaway your content. Both methods are profitable. As long as you understand what you are doing. So, pick one and do extensive research.

Final words

We’ve covered the many ways you can recycle your content. Pick the methods you prefer and start making money right away.

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