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Hosting a successful webinar leads to high conversion rates and business growth. The only way to succeed is to keep attendees engaged and attentive. You want to connect with them and convince them to take the desired step at the end of your presentation.

One mistake that marketers make is relying on one or two ways to host their webinars. You don’t want to do that because it leads to zero conversions. You need to use various methods to retain attention and get conversions.

We will cover ten types of webinar content you can use to impress your attendees.


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1) Common mistakes webinar

People love gaining insights into what they are doing wrong and how to fix it. That is why this type of content gets lots of attention. So, create a webinar that covers the common niche mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Your topic can be “The Top 5 Bookkeeping Mistakes You Are Making Right Now.”

Create an outline to guide you throughout your presentation. Have an introduction that shows attendees how these mistakes hinder their growth or affect their progress.

After the introduction, list the mistakes and share tips on how to avoid them.

Introduce a product that helps attendees avoid making the mistakes covered or at least one of them. It could be your product or an affiliate offer.

Add a high-converting call to action asking attendees to buy the product. List the mistakes, mention how they affect prospects, and then add your CTA.

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2) Tips and Tricks

Share tips and tricks to help users reach a certain goal or mitigate a common challenge. Identify your audience’s needs and pick a topic that appeals to them. Introduce your content, share tips on achieving the stated goal, and introduce a product that allows attendees to reach it.

Add a call to action and emphasize the benefits of using the product.

3) The interview webinar

Create an interview webinar and bring a guest that your audience will love to listen to. It could be a thought leader or someone who has accomplished what prospects are working towards.

Introduce your guest, talk about his notable achievements, and start the interview. The interviewee should share tips to help attendees mitigate common challenges, solve problems, and reach a certain goal.

Thank prospects for attending and the guest for coming. Promote a relevant product at the end of the presentation. It could be the guest’s product, your product, or an affiliate offer.

4) How-to webinar

Many people prefer how-to webinars because they are useful. Create one to attract attention and reach your webinar goals.

Share a step-by-step guide and teach attendees how to complete a certain task. It could be building a website, writing a book, or creating a healthy meal plan.

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5) Product reviews

Review a product and help prospects make informed buying decisions. Share the pros and cons of using the product. State who it is suited for, highlight the main features, mention how it is different from similar products in the market, show your audience how to use it, and add a call to action at the end.

6) Tools webinar

Host a tools webinar and share resources that simplify a process. It could be a list of software, useful niche websites, helpful gear, and so on.

One of your topics can be: “Top 10 Tools Every [add a group of people] Should Use.”

7) Training webinar

Host a training webinar and help attendees learn a new skill or familiarize themselves with a specific tool. Such as an email marketing tool, web monitoring tool, and so on.

Create a step-by-step guide and make it easy for viewers to follow along.

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8) Behind-the-scenes webinar

Show viewers what happens behind the scenes to get them excited about your paid product. For example, you can walk attendees through the development and design process of your product. Show them your back offices, where the product was manufactured, and your employees in their workspaces. Talk about the production process. From the development phase to launch. This is a great way to get attendees to connect with your offer and purchase it.

9) Panel webinar

Host a panel webinar and share different views on the same topic. Identify experts in your niche and have them discuss the chosen topic. If your niche is computer technology and business, for example, your guest speakers can be a WordPress Developer, a Backend Developer, a Full Stack Developer, and a Software Engineer.

That allows you to retain interest and get attendees excited about your content. Pick a popular topic that interests your audience and mention your guests when promoting your webinar. Tell potential attendees what you are going to cover and mention that they will get answers to their most pressing questions. This builds anticipation and keeps participants looking forward to your webinar.

At the end of the discussion, you can introduce your guest speakers’ relevant products.

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10) Case study

A case study webinar focuses on proving that a particular product works. You can choose your product or an affiliate product.

Take the following steps when presenting:

• Introduce the product
• State who it’s for and highlight its uses
• Introduce the customer who benefitted from it
• Show how they benefitted. Share a video testimonial or interview the client if possible
• Share data before the customer started using the product and after
• Mention the benefits of using the product again
• Add a clear call to action asking users to buy the product and see the same results


Use different webinar content types to impress attendees and turn them into customers. Don’t just focus on one method because it won’t work. You can use five or more of any of the methods we covered.

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