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Your call-to-actions (CTAs) are one of the most important aspects of your sales page. They can help you increase traffic, generate qualified leads, and get sales.

If you write them poorly, attracting sales or getting clicks will be difficult. You have to carefully choose and optimize them.

We will cover 10 types of effective CTAs you should use in your marketing materials to increase conversions.


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1. Special offer CTA

A special offer CTA attracts attention, raises curiosity, and always gets clicks. So, use it to achieve your marketing and sales goals. Whether you want to get new subscribers or sell more products.

The CTA can focus on massive discounts or giveaways.

2. More info CTA

Use this call to action to give users more information about your offer or have them contact you about their needs.

The More info CTA works best if you are offering a free consultation or want users to email you with questions about your services or product.

For example, if you are offering free consultation and want users to contact you about it, write: “Click here to learn more about your free consultation now” or “Click here to get your free consultation now before it expires.”

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3. Lead generation CTA

Use a Lead-generation CTA on your landing page to get more email subscribers. Use it in your emails to direct users to specific content or your membership site. Use the CTA to segment your list and ensure you promote the right offers to the right people.

4. General offer CTA

Use a General offer CTA when promoting a paid product that doesn’t have any bonus, discount, or special offer.

It’s best to use this type of call to action at the end of your promotional content. For example, when you write an article that focuses solely on advertising a certain product.

5. One-time offer CTA

Use this CTA when you create a one-time offer that customers won’t have access to if they don’t buy right away.

State that the offer is available for a limited time and won’t be accessible after it expires.

This is a great way to create a sense of urgency and attract sales. So, use the CTA when promoting a paid product on your sales page or landing page. Add a countdown timer to get clicks.

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6. Upsell CTA

Upselling and cross-selling your customers is a great way to enhance sales. So, when someone buys your product, promote a similar offer.

Add your Upsell CTA while the buyer is still in the mood to purchase your products.

Add your call to action to your order page. Make sure it appears after the customer buys. You can also upsell customers via your “thank you” email. The one you send after every successful purchase.

Only promote products or services relevant to what the customer buys.

7. Event CTA

Use Event CTAs to build brand awareness, boost engagement, and get conversions.

Use the call to action when inviting prospects to free events. Such as webinars.

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8. Read more CTA

Add a Read more CTA when you want users to read another blog post or see a post on your social media page.

That is a great way to get users to interact with your content, increase web traffic, and retain prospects.

9. Contest CTA

People love contests and will be more than willing to join if you offer valuable prizes. The best thing about contests is that they help you reach a bigger audience and get conversions.

Use Contest CTAs to encourage people to join and win prizes. More people will want to learn more about your business and engage with your content. Especially if the contest and prizes are appealing to them.

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10. Social sharing CTA

Your goal as a business owner is to build your customer base and get more people to interact with your brand. One of the best ways to achieve this is by leveraging content marketing and encouraging people to share your content.

Add a Social media sharing CTA on every blog article and encourage your followers to share with their connections.

That is a great way to make your content go viral, attract new leads, increase your conversion rates, and see a return on investment for your marketing efforts.

Final words

The best way to get prospects to take action is to write strong CTAs that get attention. You’ve just learned 10 types of CTAs that will help you capture your audience’s attention, inspire action, and boost engagement. All you have to do now is apply what you’ve learned.

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